7 Recent Advancements in Automobile Tech

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With all the technological advancements that have been made in the auto industry, it’s surprising that we’re not already taking our daily commute in flying cars. From improved entertainment features to safety enhancements, driving in 2019 is better than ever thanks to these 7 recent advancements in automobile tech.

1.      Better Mobile Connectivity

Have you heard about the Internet of Things? Basically, the Internet of Things refers to how all our devices are becoming interconnected thanks to the internet. For example, you might have a virtual assistant device at home that can connect to your thermostat, cloud storage, and coffee maker. In 2019, we’ve seen more cars take on IoT technology.

There are lots of vehicles that enable you to use your smartphone to track down your car if it gets stolen, and that also allows you to wirelessly check the maintenance status. Some vehicles even enable you to power on your car to get the A/C or heater going (great for very hot or cold days). In the near future, you’ll be able to perform more and more vehicle functions on your mobile device.

2.      Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

More vehicles are being outfitted to work with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Both of these programs enable you to display your iPhone or Android on the vehicle display so you can easily access all your apps, like Spotify, Netflix, and Maps. It’s one of the most intuitive ways to control entertainment and navigation features in your car, not to mention sending and receiving calls.

You’ll be a lot safer on the road because you can just use your vehicle’s display to access your apps—you can tuck your phone away so you won’t be distracted while you’re driving. Expect this to be one of the most commonly implemented features in new cars.

3.      Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control is one of the most advanced new technologies on the market. Standard cruise control enables your vehicle to cruise along at a singular pace. Adaptive cruise control enables you to do the same thing, but it’s also responsive to traffic—if you’re coming up on a vehicle in your lane, the adaptive cruise control system will automatically slow your car down so you won’t have to step on the brakes. This is a great system for driving in traffic, and it should also reduce wear-and-tear on your brakes.

4.      Electronic Driver Logs

Electronic driver logs are most helpful for business owners who own a fleet of vehicles. Electronic logs allow fleet managers to monitor how many hours and miles a driver logs in a single vehicle. They also track the route that a vehicle takes so business vehicles aren’t used for non-business purposes. While this technology might not be very helpful for the standard consumer, it’s a godsend for business owners who have vehicles of contractor or delivery work.

5.      Rear and Side Traffic Alert

Vehicles are increasingly being outfitted with systems that can prevent you from accidentally hitting pedestrians. One of the most common alert systems is the Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, which alerts you when you’re backing up and there’s an oncoming pedestrian—this is incredibly helpful when you’re backing out of a parking space.

Another great alert system is one designed to prevent you from opening the door when there’s a cyclist about to pass by, a great feature for when you’ve just parallel parked. This alert system is designed to work for several minutes after the car shuts off, and it’ll give you a warning if there’s a cyclist about to pass by the vehicle so you won’t open your door and accidentally hit them.

6.      Auto Emergency Braking

Auto Emergency Braking is an automatic braking system that’s employed if your vehicle senses you’re about to be in a collision (which it determines using your speed and sensors). This is a last-resort safety feature only, but these last-second brakes could be the difference between life and death if you’re about to be in a collision at fast speeds.

7.      Lane Departure Warning

A Lane Departure Warning is an audible alert that lets you know when you’re drifting out of your lane—another potential lifesaver if you’re drifting into oncoming traffic. This is a very effective tool in preventing accidents, so it may become a vehicle safety requirement in the future.

With safety improvements like that, it shouldn’t be too long before insurance coverage gets cheaper (ha—like that’ll ever happen).

Tips to Consider When Modifying Your Car

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Motorists are always looking to get the most out of their rides, and there are several good reasons people invest so much time and money on modifications. Whether it’s a performance enhancement or a total makeover, mods are a great way to give  your car the attention it deserves.

However, like in all other projects, you could either do it right or do it wrong. Let’s focus on these essential tips for doing it right.

  1. Ask if you really need a modification

Whether you have a vintage vehicle or a modern one, the first thing you will have to do is to look at the practicality of modifying your car. You should be able to know if the project is even worth your time and money or else it could become a terrible waste.

You will want to make the most out of the resources you have invested, especially on the tools you’ll be using. For this, it’s best to ask if what you’re doing is going to benefit you in the long run. For instance, you might want to focus on improving the performance of your car and fixing issues that need your urgent attention. But if you require expensive tools or parts that are difficult to find, you might decide it’s not worth your while.

  1. Think whether to do-it-yourself or not

Car modifications can be costly. You could be spending thousands of dollars on getting the right parts alone. Added to this is the fact that you need someone else to handle the modification for you.

Then again, not all mods can be handled by a mechanic. Sure enough, there are several fixes you can handle on your own, such as replacing the windshield and giving the body an award-winning wax job!

  1. Look at functionality

When you’re looking to replace or improve certain components of your vehicle, it helps to know if doing so adds value to your car. Again, it’s always important to ensure that the resources you invested in your car could help improve it.

Sure enough, air dams and spoilers can help with stability and give your car a more modern look. LED lights, on the other hand, can make your car stand out with a barrage of colors aside from keeping it visible during a night drive. You just have to look for dealers like XK Glow that provide quality LED lights that are custom made for your vehicle.

  1. Stick to a theme

If you’re planning to go all out with your plan to modify your car, you might as well stick to an overall theme. After all, your car serves as a blank canvas and you can do whatever you want with it.

You just have to make sure all components and elements complement each other. For instance, if you’re looking to convert your car into a street racer, you might as well consider giving it a bolder paint job and major enhancements to the engine. The same also applies to exotic cars.

A vehicle modification is something many motorists want to handle. To many, it’s a rite of passage. To some, it’s a significant way to telling people “I’m really into cars.”

Either way, it’s something that’s worthwhile – so long as we take the right approaches.

Do you know what to do after a traffic collision? 7 steps to take after an accident takes place

•September 18, 2019 • Comments Off on Do you know what to do after a traffic collision? 7 steps to take after an accident takes place

Being in a car accident is extremely unsettling, not only is it frightening, but you could become injured, the safety of your passengers is put in jeopardy, your car might be put out of action and you could potentially file for a personal injury claim – check out this car accident lawyer in Toronto for more information.

But do you know what to do after being in a car accident? With so much going on, it can be difficult to keep your cool, which is why knowing what to do after a traffic collision is so important. Read on for 7 steps to take after an accident takes place.

Stop the vehicle

It is illegal to not stop at an accident. So, if your car is still mobile after the incident, pull over into a place that won’t obstruct other traffic, put your hazard lights on and turn off your engine.

Check yourself and your passengers for injuries

Take a moment to check yourself for injuries and to check the condition of any passengers, if someone is hurt then call 911, or ask a bystander for help.

Get everyone to safety

If it is safe to do so and if everyone is mobile enough, exit the vehicle and get to safety. This could be on a grass verge, on the sidewalk or behind a barrier.

Call 911

Many states require police presence at any traffic collision, whether it is a minor fender-bender or something more serious. Any officer that arrives at the scene will take charge of ensuring everyone is safe and they will complete accident reports and document the scene. Documents that you will later use to claim via your insurance company.

Give an accurate account

The police officer will ask for your account of what happened, so it is your legal duty to give as accurate an account as you can. If you’re unsure of what happened – this is quite common, especially if you’re in shock – then let the police officer know. Avoid trying to second guess what happened or what you think the other driver might have done. Don’t lie.

Exchange information

Speak with the other persons involved in the accident and gather information from them. This includes their name, address, contact details and their insurance information. If there were any witnesses, it’s also a good idea to get their names and contact details too as well as information from any passengers that were involved. Try to avoid discussing fault with the other driver, leave it to the insurance companies to determine via damage/information provided by you/police reports who is at fault.

Speak to your lawyer

It’s always a good idea to seek legal representation after a traffic collision. They can protect your rights and ensure that any information, evidence or testimonials don’t go awry. They can also help you through the claims process and any future dealings with the police or authorities.

3 Red Flags to Watch for When Buying a New Car

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Being in the market for a new car is exciting; trying to actively avoid being scammed is not. It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying a new car off the lot or a used vehicle from an independent owner—either situation presents the opportunity to get ripped off. Cars are no small purchase, with price tags ranging between a few thousand dollars to fifty thousand dollars and up.

Making a bad investment can put a serious dent in your finances and overall quality of living. The key to avoiding common car scams and driving off in a purchase you can feel confident about is to keep a keen eye out for these three red flags. Pay attention to these warning signs and find a set of wheels that gives you no cause for concern.

#1: Lies about Your Credit Score

When you’re shopping for your dream car, there’s a high probability that you’ll need to finance the purchase. Unless you can drop roughly $100,000 cash on a Lotus Evora GT, you’ll have to work out a financing arrangement with your car salesman.

Car salesmen are typically extremely greedy people with decades of experience developing their ethically-questionable sales tactics. One common way they’ll take advantage of unsuspecting shoppers is by lying and telling them that their credit score is lower than it actually is. A credit check is a necessary step in the financing process when you buy a new car because the seller must know that you are credit worthy and capable of making your car payments. The lower your score, the larger risk lending risk you present, and the higher APR they can charge.

To avoid paying unreasonably high interest, make sure to run a free credit check on yourself and head to the dealer confident about your score. When the salesman tells you otherwise, spot the red flag, call their bluff and walk out the door.

Pro-tip: If your credit score is on the lower end, you might consider taking the time to build it back up before buying a new car so that you get the best deal possible. Another suggestion is to wait and save up to pay for the transaction in cash in order to reap the benefits of the Benjamin.

#2: The Bait and Switch

Imagine this: let’s say you’ve had your eye on a covetable Toyota 4Runner. You’ve done your extensive research and know that you want the 2017 model because you smartly and patiently waited for the value to depreciate. You know what color you want, you call the dealer ahead of time to confirm they have the vehicle in stock.

But when you show up, they say that car is no longer available. Instead, they show you the keys to the flashy 2020 release, point out the enlarged infotainment system with smartphone compatibility, the new USB ports, keyless entry, push-button start, and make sure you see the ultra-stylish Nightshade Edition with black chrome accents.

Suddenly you’re driving off the lot surrounded by unnecessary luxury features and car loan you can hardly afford—you fell for the classic bait and switch scam. Don’t be this person! Instead, call the dealer before you arrive and confirm their inventory of your desired vehicle. Then request that they fax or email you that exact confirmation along with the car specs. If you show up 30 minutes later and are told the car was sold and no longer available, you’ll have proof that they’re lying. No sale closes within that short of a time frame. Identify the red flag and take your business elsewhere.

#3: No Test Drive

This is incredibly important when shopping for a used car, as third-party sellers and independent owners have far fewer regulations to deal with when selling a car compared to the official dealerships that are backed by manufacturers. If someone tries to sell you a car without first letting you drive it, walk away.

No one should have a problem with allowing you to test drive a mechanically-sound car that boasts a clean interior. Maybe it looks great from the outside, but the A/C is broken, one window can’t roll down, the brakes screech, or a number of other problems you would only be able to detect from experience driving the vehicle.

Don’t wind up with a lemon and don’t get duped by a salesman—watch out for these red flags when buying a car rest easy knowing you’re a savvy consumer.

Mech Mode: 5 Essential Tools for Working on Cars

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Are you the kind of person who prefers DIY car fixes? Your home garage must have the essentials! Here are 5 must-have tools for working on cars.

Taking your car to the repair shop can be a drag. They bill you for unnecessary fixes and overcharge you for parts and labor. 

Your best defense against untrustworthy mechanics is taking matters into your own hands. You can make basic repairs at home with just a few essential tools for working on cars. 

But how do you know which must have garage tools are worth the investment? Keep reading for five of our favorite car tools that every home mechanic needs to add to their toolbox. 

1. Car Lifts

If you plan on doing any repairs to your vehicles, you’re going to need a tool to get it off of the ground.

Car lifts come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles, so be sure you’re choosing the right one for your needs. 

If you don’t plan on repairing much more than a flat tire, you can probably get away with a scissor jack. More in-depth car repairs will require the use of a floor or bottle jack. Serious home mechanics may even wish to consider investing in 2 or 4 post car lift for their garage. 

2. A Socket Set

A socket set is one of the most basic garage essentials you’ll need. The sockets can be paired with other tools like ratchets, torque wrenches, or impact wrenches. They’ll help you tighten or loosen bolts and nuts on your vehicle. 

A great socket set will come with ratchet arms and driver handles to make a cost-effective all-in-one kit.

3. OBD-II Scanner

An OBD-II scanner is a must if you’re not sure how to immediately discern what is wrong with your vehicle. These handy and inexpensive devices are as simple as plugging them in. Once connected, the scanner will then display codes to let you know what’s wrong with your car.

There are two main types of OBD-II scanners.

OBD-II code readers are the most affordable. They’re made to clear and read codes from your car. Because it’s so no-frills, these devices do have limitations. 

Scan tools are more expensive than code readers but they have access to more useful features.  They can read codes that are manufacturer-specific. They’ll also allow you to access more detailed troubleshooting options. 

4. Hand Tools

There’s something to be said about using good old-fashioned hand tools. 

A good wrench set can get you far. Opting for a set that provides a ratcheting side and an open-ended side means you get more bang for your buck.

Every household needs screwdrivers. Make sure you get a set with a larger flathead that can double as a prying tool. Look for tiny screwdrivers, too, as they can be used for delicate electronic work.

5. Work Light

Garages are often very dark places. You’ll need another source of light so you can see what you’re working on.

You can outfit your garage with high-quality overhead LED bulbs. You’ll never have to worry about working in low light if your garage is always well lit.

If that feels like overkill, underhood lights might work. These are designed to illuminate your engine when you’re working under the hood.

Clamp lights will attach to your work station to give you more light in a concentrated area.

Tools for Working on Cars: A Necessary Investment

Buying tools is expensive. But so is taking your vehicle to the auto mechanic over and over. You only need a few tools for working on cars at your disposal to save yourself money in the long run.

Keep reading our blog for more money-saving car repair advice.

Bring Out the Benjamins: The Top Benefits of Buying a Car in Cash

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Should you pay for your car in cash? The answer is yes. Read on to learn the top benefits of buying a car in cash.

These days, it’s difficult to get around and take care of your priorities without reliable transportation. You and your family deserve to invest in a car that you can depend upon. Don’t settle to live at the liberty of bus routes and taxi cabs – if you can afford your own ride.

If you’re in a position to buy your net car entirely upfront, you’re in luck. There are all kinds of valid reasons for buying a car in cash. After all, paying interest on a car loan for the next several years doesn’t sound exciting, does it?

Statistics show that the national auto loan debt isn’t decreasing anytime soon, either. For instance, in the year 2017 alone, there were over 108 million car loan accounts open in the United States.

If you have the means, do your best to avoid becoming a part of that statistic. Keep reading to learn why.

You’ll Have To Confront Your Financial Situation

To determine if you can afford to pay for your car outright, you’ll have to look at your budget. Is dropping several thousand dollars on a new ride feasible for you?

One great thing about going through that process is that you’ll have to examine your priorities. After all, there’s a reason that most people have to take out an auto loan to be able to afford a new vehicle. Cars are expensive, and not everyone can afford to pay for them in cash.

You might even have to dip into your savings account to cover the cost of an entire vehicle. If that’s the case, be careful. Take the time to think about not only whether doing so is actually in your best interest. If it is, you can then shop around for a car that suits your available spending budget.

You Can Use the Money from the Car You Just Sold

If using some of your savings doesn’t appeal to you, don’t worry. Many people don’t buy a new car until they’ve sold their existing one(s). This is an excellent practice for you to consider if it’s an option.

Don’t just sell your car to the first person interested in it, though. Keep it on the market until you find the best deal out there for whatever condition it’s in. If you’re willing to do the research, there are places that offer cash for cars Queens, New York, has to offer its locals.

It’s Worthwhile To Avoid Interest Fees

As mentioned above, buying a car in cash would help you avoid paying any interest fees over the next few years. The loan industry makes serious profits off of people’s inability to buy a car upfront.

Think about it. Those interests aren’t even part of the actual cost of the car. If you can avoid paying them, why wouldn’t you?

Remember, though, that the car salesperson working with you might not be too thrilled about you buying a car in cash. They make a commission off of selling any car, it’s true.

It’s important that you negotiate with him or her before you show how much cash you brought. Narrow down the finalized price of the vehicle first. The salesperson will often offer discounts and a lowered cost if it means you’ll keep considering the vehicle.

After you’ve gotten the overall price down as low as possible, then it’s okay to bring out your wallet. At that point, it’s too late for him or her to make the car more expensive again. Plus, you won’t even have to worry about whatever low-interest rates he or she had been promising!

Let’s Be Honest – Buying a Car in Cash Would Feel Cool

At the end of the day, this is a significant benefit of buying a car upfront with cash. You’ll feel like a rockstar!

Perhaps you’ve been saving up for a while to pay the entire cost of a new car. Maybe you have developed a rainy day fund for an occasion such as this. Whatever the reason for paying for a car outright, it’s a reason to celebrate!

Your Credit Score Won’t Affect Your Buying Options

When car dealerships check to see what interest rates they can offer you, they run a credit check. Not only would your credit score then determine how much interest you’d have to pay. The process also causes a hard credit inquiry to count against your existing line of credit.

This is, perhaps, the best reason to pay for a car all in cash upfront. Avoid getting swindled because of poor credit. You deserve to make the most of your money by getting an equal exchange with the cash you have on hand.

You’ll Be Able To Focus on Other Financial Priorities

Plus, once you pay for your new ride, you won’t have to worry about monthly payments sucking up your income! That leaves you more options to take care of other financial concerns in your life. All in all, there doesn’t seem to be a downside to buying a car in cash.

Continue Investing in Your Car and Its Value

At this point in the article, you should be convinced that buying a car in cash is a good idea. There are plenty of good reasons to pay for it upfront, so why wouldn’t you? You deserve to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your vehicle is already 100% paid for.

Many people would be jealous of your position if you can actually pay for the entire cost of a car. Living with debt is never fun, after all.

Still, just because you have the cash to buy a car outright, there’s still more research to do. It’s important that you take the time and consider which available car options suit the needs of you and your family.

The fact of the matter is that the auto industry is a vast one. There are a lot of ins and outs to navigate when it comes to finding – and maintaining – a reliable vehicle.

In fact, that’s where we can help you. We encourage you to browse through the rest of our website to keep up with the latest guidance and advice about the car industry. Your new car deserves all the attention it can get!

Mini Cooper History: The Small Beginnings of the MINI

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The Mini Cooper isn’t just an automobile. It’s also a cultural phenomenon — and for good reason. Read on to learn about the mini copper history.

What do you do when it is the 1960s in Britain and there is a gas crisis? Create one of the most classic car designs in history, of course. That is the short version of the Mini Cooper History.

However, there is so much more to this iconic British car. So, let’s take a ride through the extraordinary life of this small car.

Born From Necessity, Designed For Functionality

In the late 1950s, Britain was in the middle of the Suez Crisis which lead to skyrocketing fuel prices. It was becoming increasingly apparent the large, gas-guzzling cars which were the norm of the day simply didn’t make sense anymore.

So, Sir Leonard Lord, of the Morris Motor Company, challenged Alec Issigonis, the top engineer at Morris, to design a small fuel-efficient car able to fit four adults comfortably. And boy did Issigonis rise to the challenge and in 1959 debuted the Mini Mark I.

How he accomplished this was by pushing the wheels to the corners and turning the engine sideways. This created not only extra space in both the front and rear seats but also allowed for better handling on tight corners. Little did Lord and Issigonis know how this handling feature was going to shape the future of the Mini Cooper.

The Heyday of the 1960s

The Mini was not an instant success. The British public was initially a little perplexed by this boxy, two-door car. However, as the country moved from the aesthetic of Dior’s New Look to the more youthful mod-inspired look, this fun and fashionable car’s popularity began to soar.

Everyone from working-class heroes to royalty to rockstars embraced the Mini’s fun and unique design. By the end of the decade, more than 2 million Minis had been sold worldwide. It had become a cultural phenomenon.

However, there was another group who saw something special in the youthful automobile: racecar drivers.

Legendary British driver and designer of formula one racecars, John Cooper, realized that thanks to its ability to handle tight turns and fantastic balance the Mini had the makings of a fantastic racing car. So, with Issigonis, Cooper made some tweaks to the original design, including a bigger, more powerful engine and in 1961 the Mini Cooper 997 was born.

It turns out Cooper was right and the 1071cc engine, which was added to the Mini Cooper S model, would become a racing staple. Between 1964 and 1967 the little car that could won numerous international races, including the prestigious Monte Carlo Rally three times.

Thanks to all the racing laurels and the widespread popularity, Mini Cooper was also given a starring role next to Michael Cain in the 1967 British film “The Italian Job”. Unfortunately, the next few decades would prove a little uncertain for the Mini.

Constantly Changing Hands

During the late 70s through the 80s, the license to this iconically British car changed hands several times. Thankfully even though it was owned by several Spanish and Italian car companies, the design stayed close to the original Cooper and Cooper S models. Unfortunately, this meant the car became more of a novelty item than evolving with the times.

All of that changed in 1994 when the Rover Group, who owned the rights to the Mini at the time, was purchased by BMW. And this would breathe new life into the car. The Mini Cooper history was about to be turned on its ear.

It turns out the German automotive giant had big plans for updating the car which would be labeled the European car of the century. Keeping the quintessential boxy design but adding a distinctly modern twist, the car went from a dated, albeit cute, bit of nostalgia into a sleek contemporary powerhouse.

They debuted the new and improved Mini Cooper at the Paris Motor Show in Oct of 1999, just in time for the new millennium.

A New and Improved Mini For a New Millennium

One of the first things BMW did to update the car was expanded the models available to the public. Sure, they still had the famous all-wheel drive and classic hardtop, but starting in 2002 they were also available in a sleek new convertible and four-door options. To learn more about which models offered what features, read on here.

On top of the new designs and models, Minis were now also completely customizable while still being some of the more affordable automobiles on the market. This meant there were more than 10,000 possibilities when it came to how it looked. This meant everyone could have a car which was affordable while still showcasing their own personal style.

Thanks to the updated look and personalization options, the Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S took off all over the world, but especially in America. In fact, it was so popular in the States that it was named North American Car of the Year in 2003. Soon you could find Mini Motoring Clubs all over the US.

Today the Mini is offered any number of models and options. From the aforementioned hardtops and convertibles to kit cars you can build yourself to special collector’s editions, there really is a Mini Cooper for everyone.

The Mini Cooper History

In the 60 years since its inception, the Mini Cooper history has been an interesting and tenacious one. Through the ups and downs of its life, one thing has been certain, this sporty and unique car has no intention of slowing down or giving up. And thanks to its unique design, youthful vibe, and versatility, it is bound to be around for a least another several 60 years.

If you are interested in cars beyond just the Mini or want to learn more about this amazing little ride, why not check out our blog? You are bound to find something for the car lover in all of us.

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Thunderstruck the slot game

•August 21, 2019 • Comments Off on Thunderstruck the slot game

This striking original from Microgaming is an entertaining fantasy slot bursting with adventure, you can play it at Thor Slots. If you are calculated and make the right choices, you’ll be sure to line your pockets with coins. Your commitment is all it takes to hit it big in this electrifying game.

Thunderstruck General Info

Prepare yourself for a fight, when this slot has you in its grasp there is only one choice and that is to finish the job. Riches will be hurled down at you like thunder, be prepared to catch the symbols and hope they match. Thunderstruck displays a 5-reel, 9 payline grid, it is a classic that is an old but gold.

Microgaming Slot Developers

Microgaming is a true giant in the casino industry, even non-players know the name. Since their creation of the first online casino, they have been going strong and partnering with the biggest names in gambling to create a plethora of smash hits.


Released in 2004, this classic creation by Microgaming follows the adventure of Thor, the God of Thunder. This slot’s display of 5-reels and 9 paylines is pretty standard, what is interesting about this game are the bonuses that rain riches down on players.

The screen is filled with Nordic-themed symbols such as Thor’s possessions – his hammer, fist, a lightning bolt, a ram, a horn, and a storm-ravaged castle. These make up the higher value symbols. The other symbols in the game are represented by playing card icons.

Thunderstruck Slot Bonuses

The wild symbol is represented by Thor himself, he is able to replace nearly every other symbol on the board except other bonus symbols. Any wins achieved with the help of the deity results in the prize being doubled. To get even more multipliers, players must try land the scatters, represented by rams. If 3 land anywhere on the reels they activate a free spin round where 15 spins are awarded to the player. During these free spins, any wins are multiplied by 3.

The low betting range attracts players with a lower budget, as well as, those looking to win bigger prizes through the max bet of 45 coins. Despite the lower pay range, the multipliers and the 96% RTP make this game worthwhile.


Even though this is one of Microgaming’s earlier releases, the visuals are still striking to look at and not at all outdated. This slot feels inclusive due to its low betting range, anyone can play this slot without having to hurt their wallets. The bonus symbols make this slot that much more exciting as the potential wins are increased substantially. This classic slot sports simplistic gameplay that has high replay value and that counts a lot, especially for veteran players that tend to circle back to traditional games they know they will enjoy playing again. Players can travel back in time to when the Nordic Gods were Viking legends and come home with their weight in gold coins.

7 Tips for Buying Your First Luxury Car

•August 6, 2019 • Comments Off on 7 Tips for Buying Your First Luxury Car

You did it – you landed that high-paying consultant job, or maybe you finally made partner, or got the massive payout from that lawsuit that’s lasted ages. What better way to reward yourself than by buying a gorgeous, eye-catching luxury car? Remember, there are some important factors that you should keep in mind when buying your first luxury car. Take a look at these 7 things to consider.

  1. Are you buying new or used? Just because it’s a luxury car doesn’t mean you can’t be sensible about upfront cost. Used luxury cars can be a great deal, often being much cheaper than their new counterparts for a car just a year or two older. This is definitely something to consider when you’re first in the market for a luxury car.
  2. Know your seller. It’s important that you know and trust the place where you’re buying your car. Luxury vehicles are a large investment, and you want to be comfortable with the people who you’re making a deal with. It’s important to start by shopping locally at places embedded in your community. If you live in southern Nevada, consider an Audi Las Vegas dealership. If you live in New England, try looking for a dealership in your state.
  3. Pay attention to resale value. Some luxury cars have much better resale value than others. The next time you get a raise and want an even nicer luxury car, you’re going to want to sell your existing one. Make sure you get the most that you can for it! Of course, if the car you just have to have isn’t one that usually resells well, that’s understandable; it’s just another factor to consider.
  4. Make sure your credit score is great. Buying a luxury car with a terrible credit score will saddle you with a hefty and frustrating interest rate – and at the prices many luxury vehicles go for, interest rates are even more important to consider. Try using an online credit score checker to ensure that you have the credit needed for a low interest rate. Another thing to consider in this area, be aware of the fact that most banks and credit unions can offer you a much better financing plan than any in-house financing offered by your dealership. Having a bank loan ready to go also helps your ability to negotiate when the time comes, as you’ll be able to pay up front.
  5. What’s your style? Okay, once you’ve done your homework, you get to think about the fun stuff. What kind of luxury car person are you? Are you cruising down the 101 in a brand-new Tesla, taking in the Las Vegas nightlife in your Audi, or impressing the boys at the rodeo in your massive Ford Raptor? Remember that a luxury car is a huge part of your image; you’ll want to be sure that you craft that image the way that best suits you.
  6. Pay attention to features. Are you a tech-lover who needs the latest gadgets built into their luxury ride? Many newer models come equipped with GPS, touch screen interfaces, surround sound stereo, as well as rear bumper cameras, automatic collision protection, and loads of other safety features. Luxury cars aren’t exactly known for their frugal fuel economy, but there are still plenty of hybrid and electric luxury models to choose from. Definitely know ahead of time what tricked out features your new ride must have.
  7. Remember to negotiate and stick to your budget. It can be easy to get carried away by the thrill of luxury car-buying. But remember, when you find yourself in that dealership, it’s important to stick to your guns and not go too far over-budget. Be sure that the pace of the negotiations are comfortable for you too. You might find yourself in negotiations after completing a test drive, and signing paperwork a blink of an eye after that. Remember to slow down and take time. Tell the dealer that you need a day or two to mull things over. Then, come back and be better prepared to negotiate.

Keep these tips in mind, and remember to have fun and drive safe out there on the roads in your new luxury ride!

A Complete List of Cool Truck Stuff and Accessories to Buy

•July 25, 2019 • Comments Off on A Complete List of Cool Truck Stuff and Accessories to Buy

Having a truck can be great for many different reasons. Check out this list of cool truck stuff and accessories to go along with your car.

From the year 2016 to 2017, pickup trucks saw an astounding 5% growth in sales. That trend is continuing to permeate into current years and a big reason why is because Americans love just love their trucks, don’t they?

There’s something about getting behind the wheel of a truck that just makes you feel a special kind of free.

If you’ve got a new truck that you want to trick out or have an existing one that you’d like to breathe new life into, the cool truck stuff that we’re about to recommend that you buy will fulfill all of your wants wonderfully!

1. Tri-fold Soft Cover

Our first cool truck stuff accessory is an item that the vast majority of pickup truck owners make as their first purchase. A high-quality tri-fold truck bed cover.

Tri-fold covers enable you to roll down a soft yet impermeable cover that can protect your truck bed’s cargo from rain, snow, and theft.

They’re cheap, easy to install and will make your truck a lot more versatile.

2. A Truck Bed Step

A lot of the truck owners on our team aren’t spring chickens anymore. Consequently, it’s getting harder and harder for them to step into their truck beds.

To remedy that problem, some savvy accessory makers invented the truck bed step and saved us old folks from blowing out our knees.

In all seriousness, young or old, truck bed steps allow you to easily get in and out of your bed which boosts productivity and reduces injury potential.

3. Quality Floor Liners

Your pickup truck’s floor rugs are going to get absolutely decimated after a few off-road trips. And you know what? Those lame floor liners that your truck came with aren’t going to do anything about that.

That’s why you have to step up your game by buying quality, aftermarket floor liners.

Aftermarket liners are one of the most common cool truck stuff suggestions that you see on Toyota Tacoma accessories lists, Ford truck lists and a number of other listicles online.

If you care about your truck’s resale value, you’re going to want to make this accessory a priority.

4. A Bed Mat

Speaking of resale value, buying a bed mat is another sound investment.

As you load things in and out of your truck bed over the years, it’s going to get pretty beat up. With a good bed mat that’s easy to wash down, you’ll save your truck some scars and save yourself some money when it comes time to trade up.

5. TruckBed Locking Toolbox

If you use your truck for work, you’re going to want to buy a locking toolbox that you can bolt into your bed. You see these just about everywhere and the reason why you do is because they’re so dang practical.

Our Final Thoughts on Cool Truck Stuff That You Should Buy

Pickup trucks are pretty cool. Pick up trucks that are accessorized with cool truck stuff are even cooler.

If you want to take your truck game to the next level, don’t wait and start buying some of the product suggestions that we just hit you with.

Looking for more truck inspiration? We’ve got everything that you’re looking for right here on our blog so keep reading and keep getting awesome ideas!