In praise of the Vantage… V8

We may well be in the minority here— nay, it probably goes without saying. But all else being equal, we think the V8 Vantage arguably sounds better than the V12. Oh sure, the V12 may sound ‘bigger’ (a 50% increase in the number of cylinders will do that), but we think the V8 actually sounds rawer. Nastier. Rougher around the edges.

Heresy? You decide.

(No, it’s not stock, but it sounds way too good not to share here):

Additional videographic footage (either buttressing or refuting our claim) is welcome, by the way.

~ by velofinds on June 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “In praise of the Vantage… V8”

  1. haha I love both of these videos – if only winding road still did excellent videos.

    Especially cool as Prodrive owns Aston.

  2. I love the Vantage, and a V8 rumbled by today and shook the neighborhood. But have you ridden in one? For such a sexy look and sound, it was really underwhelming. Once the V12 came into being, there was no longer any other Vantage for me.

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