A blast from our past

Whoa, this takes us back— those were the days. Crazy nose dive under braking, though.

Still wouldn’t mind having either one of these now, although we suspect finding an unmodified example will be nigh impossible.

If you like this, then this should be of interest.

~ by velofinds on January 11, 2011.

5 Responses to “A blast from our past”

  1. As much as we snickered at these two when they came out, I predict they will be sought after in a few more years. Not Grand National sought after, but in demand nonetheless.

  2. funny, i don’t recall snickering 🙂 maybe i’m not remembering correctly, but i recall thinking what a crazy idea it was and being attracted to it in a perverse sort of way! spiritual successors like the trailblazer ss, grand cherokee srt8, and ram srt10 have since taken off some of the crazy veneer from this super-niche segment.

  3. almost forgot about the ford lightning! cut from a similar cloth. funny there wasn’t a “thunder” based on a bronco (i.e., what would have been to the lightning what the typhoon was to the syclone).

  4. My brother owned a Typhoon for a while. Neat trucks, a little goofy, but I think thats what made them interesting. All wheel drive, turbocharged and with an automatic transmission. Once the thing came up on boost it had the oddest feeling. The 4.3 was never a pleasant sounding engine and it seemed so strange to be accelerating that quickly in a boxy, heavy, ugly sounding truck.

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