Dino in the wild

An old favorite. Would we? God, would we ever. No, it’s not the most impressive of Ferraris (in either sound or performance), and armchair enthusiasts will debate whether it should even be considered a Ferrari in the first place, but take one look at the low-slung, mid-engine coupe, and all that nitpicking suddenly starts to look very silly.

Jump to the 2:11 mark to fast-forward past the mindless chitchat:

Worth reposting here:

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~ by velofinds on November 23, 2010.

5 Responses to “Dino in the wild”

  1. woah, for such an oldie car I absolutely love it.

  2. I think it’s one of the prettiest Ferrari’s( or just Dino’s) of its time period

  3. Awsome! thanks.

  4. I think people who don’t consider the Dino a Ferrari are pretty ignorant of the actual history. The car is completely a Ferrari in every way, even though it didn’t have any Ferrari badging on it (we know how important the Cavallino is to those Ferrari owners–many have added them, as with the car in the photos, which is not correct). The fact that this car shared its engine with the FIAT Dinos, in order to homologate the small disp. V-6 for F2 racing has created a lot of snobbery against the car. It is true that the Dino engines were assembled in a FIAT plant, but the design was 100% Ferrari’s Lampredi, and not “FIAT Sourced”.

  5. Simply one of the best looking cars ever made. Would love to own one.

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