Our winter beater

Just add winter tires and snow, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for fun 😉

These are from a recent drive in West Virginia, a great and underappreciated state for driving.

It’s gonna take several washes to flush out the salt from all the nooks and crevices. But was it worth it? Heck yes!

~ by velofinds on January 17, 2012.

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  1. Nice! The car looks properly mean.

  2. Where was the “Golden Rule” pic taken? Great shots.

  3. Wow, the E30 looks great! It must be a pleasure to own! You have got me tempted.

  4. Time to make it to the real VA 🙂 come on down!

    • ha, fair enough. there’s actually a road or set of roads close to the NC border that i’d really like to do.

      hopefully this summer.

      • Let me know. As much as we have been in touch over the years, we have to finally meet. And there are some great local roads to me for both driving and photo taking.

  5. I’m sad I missed this- did you hit “tail of the dragon” on this run? winter driving is proper fun!

  6. This is rad. Car looks badass as usual, and love how much you guys hammer it. Probably couldn’t do the same with the M5, but I wish I could… 🙂

    • yeah. with only 2000 or so ever made, you probably owe it to future generations to baby it a little. maybe get yourself an inexpensive 535i for beating up on 😉

      • Ha, I’m babying it as much as I can, and as such it keeps me up at night like a newborn. What was that sound? What will go wrong? How much will that cost? Am I doing this right?

        Then I wake up, pull it out from under its blanket and out of its crib, and remember that despite all the restless nights, I’m hopelessly in love.

        A 535is with mudflaps would be a fun winter brawler. But then again, so would a 325ix, hopefully with an aesthetic similar to yours. That thing just looks so awesome, as good as any E30 I’ve seen!

  7. driven like a real man!! so jealous man….this year has been so disappointing in terms of NYC snowfall.

  8. really liked the video – so I posted it on Jalopnik! People over there can’t get enough of your site.


  9. I really like the look of the wheels on your car, are the factory wheels? If so what size and did you offset them?

    • Hi— no, not factory. These are 16×8 wheels from an E38 7-Series, whereas factory wheels topped out at 15×7. The only reason the car was able to upsize is because it had been modified (by the previous owner) from the original four-lug suspension to five, which is seen as a desirable upgrade in the BMW E30 community.

  10. Looks great, thanks for the info. I have an e30 that I am hoping to make a few changes to, and love the look of your car. I really appreciate your site, always nice to check in and see what is new!

  11. I am not, but will check it out! Thanks again

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