Car dealerships from the past

Fascinating stuff! What any of us wouldn’t do to be transported back in time to one of these showrooms right this moment? Some of these bring back memories of our youth (if not the cars themselves, then their settings), as we’re sure they do for many of you who are of a certain age.

Truly a bygone era.

Michaelson Volvo, Renault, Peugeot (Baltimore, MD):

Escondido Datsun (Escondido, CA):

Madison Smith Naturally (Nashville, TN):

Thos S. Kenny Motors (St. Louis, MO):

Wilton Imported Car Center (Wilton, CT):

Garden Grove Subaru (Garden Grove, CA):

Bob Smith BMW, Fiat, and Alfa Romeo (Canoga Park, CA):

Odell Matthews Plymouth-Simca (!) (Winston-Salem, NC):

Max of Switzerland Imported Cars (Scottsdale, AZ):

Imported Cars of Westport (Westport, CT):

Davella Motors (Meriden, CT):

Moro Motors, Ltd. (Hempstead, NY):

Ken Keegan Imported Cars (Los Gatos, CA):

US Car Imports (Los Angeles, CA):

Midwest Sports Car Center (Omaha, NE):


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16 Responses to “Car dealerships from the past”

  1. absolutly cutes pictures….

  2. One more:

  3. it’s interesting how those places looks today?

  4. I think I just died…..

  5. Is that a Vega that I see in the Thos S. Kenny Motors (St. Louis, MO), pic? That sitting there certainly didn’t help!

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  7. the US Car Imports location is now a High School athletic track

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  9. Awesome pics, I reposted them on 8000vueltas 😉

    ¡Absolutely love MCB!

  10. Dear God, that Saab 99 with a vinyl top! I remember some of the small, single- or double-marque import dealers…most went OOB by the late 70s. I think it was the popularity of Japanese cars that killed them.

  11. I’ve collected ‘Dealer Logos’ for years found this site while lookiong for ‘Michaelson Volvo’ a Baltimore dealership that sold a lot of Volvos. I even have a couple of the Emblems they put on the back of SOLD Volvos!
    The location is now a storage facility.

  12. My filckr account showing some of the emblems I have had since the 1970’s
    recently found that i have a ‘HUDSON’ dealer emblem from New York as well as Studebaker dealers from Maryland.

  13. “Of a certain age” :-/

    Great post though – love looking at the vintage dealerships.

    • Of a ‘Certain Age’ Yes! I can remember some of the Old cars dealers and the emblems that I have from them. Just Imagining kind of models of cars they were on. Muscle cars, Vintage cars, Rare cars – by today’s standards! My first car was a 1955 Ford Convertible, but I don’t recall seeing an emblem on the deck lid.

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