This is what the roads looked like back in 1967

Throw a sports car street-legal race car like the MkIII GT40 into the mix, and it looks like the car may as well have come from another planet. We post a lot of images of older cars on this site, but viewed in isolation and through the lens that is present day, they are essentially seen in a vacuum. To view a car like the GT40 within the context of that time – and on the street, not the track – is pretty amazing and eye-opening.

First Ave, New York

First Ave and E 60th St, New York

E 60s off FDR Drive

Gotham Ford at First Ave and 61st St. Note the Shelby GT350 in the background

via Car Guy Chronicles (very nice article to go along with the above images, by the way)

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  1. Wow. Surrounded by several 50’s and 60’s cars, the context makes the GT40 that much more staggering.

    The GT350 in the last shot may seem like a big deal now – because that car has since taken on classic (and desirable, and expensive) status. At the time, I’d think it was comparable to walking into any modern Ford dealership and seeing a GT500 (i.e., it’s neat and all, but most people probably aren’t going out of their way to do it).

  2. […] Motoring Con Brio this week found some neat photos of a Ford GT40 Mk III navigating the streets of late 1960s New York City. […]

  3. I think the GT40 looks out of this world regardless of the age! such a beaut!

  4. how appropriate the dealership name is Gotham Ford.

  5. There were only 7 of the Mk III’s built and only 4 of them were left hand drive according to the Petersen Museum’s signage that they put out when their car is on display. I did find some more info here:

  6. I actually met a guy who bought one new originally. Said it was the worst car he ever owned, much to my shock! He currently owns a Porsche RSK, which he seems happy with!

  7. […] They say New York is the city that never sleeps, and staying awake might have been a good idea back in the late sixties should you have lived near Gotham Ford at First and 61st seeing as they happened to have a Mark III GT40 (as well as a Shelby GT350) on the lot. Check out some more shots of the road-going homologation on the streets of the Big Apple here. […]

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