French for ‘Team Scotland’

Home to one of our favorite team colors out there. A quick history lesson:

Ecurie Ecosse (fr.Team Scotland) was a motor racing team from Scotland. Founded in 1952 by Edinburgh businessman and racing driver David Murray and mechanic Wilkie Wilkinson, its most notable achievement was winning both the 1956 and 1957 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Ecurie Ecosse were based at Merchiston Mews in Edinburgh; their cars were always distinctive in their Flag Blue Metallic paint…

The Team was accompanied by a 2-axle double-deck car transporter capable of carrying three cars (one inside and two on top) together with a support crew, and with mobile workshop facilities.

The transporter was built by coachbuilders Alexander, of Falkirk, Scotland. Based on a Commer chassis it is powered by a Commer TS3 three cylinder horizontally-opposed two-stroke diesel engine.

The transporter has been restored and is still in use (source).

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  1. I’m amazed the shooting brake XJS didn’t get an honourable mention 😉

    • how right you are— and it was actually the impetus behind this post! wouldn’t have thought to post about this had that not been there…

  2. I don’t know how you guys find these photos week after week, but thank you!

  3. The XJS shooting brake is a Lynx Eventer. Only 67 were made. Would make a very stylish hearse.

  4. Great article, the D-Type is definitely my favorite car ever. Good work finding these amazing shots.

  5. In my time as apprentice in Merchiston Mews David Murrey himself told me the meaning of the team name was Stable Scotland because the workshops were stables. The french for stable is Ecurie, hope this helps, regards Chris Greaves.

  6. Just have to mention for those not familiar… The Commer TS3 or Commer Knocker is indeed a “three cylinder, opposed piston” engine…but as you try to imagine a VW Beetle or Porsche 911 engine with two cylinders on one side and one on the other, consider that this 3-cylinder engine actually has 6 pistons and just one crankshaft. Yes, the math doesn’t add up. If you are now sufficiently curious, Google “Commer TS-3 Animation” and discover one of history’s oddest engine set ups.

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