Jim B’s latest hotness

Guest contributor Jim Bauer recently picked up this flat army green beauty, which we think captures his ethos perfectly:

So now his garage looks like this:

So indescribably badass. We hope to have more on this (and of this) in the near future.

(photos by Jim)

~ by velofinds on February 1, 2011.

17 Responses to “Jim B’s latest hotness”

  1. Done right, olive drab paint jobs look the business. Done wrong they look victimized by a can of rustoleum. This is done right.

  2. I am in love with this S30!!!

  3. Is this Dave’s old car?

  4. That s30 is absolutely gorgeous. The flat paint just kind of steps out of the way and allows the gorgeous lines of the s30 to take the spotlight. Somehow, 930’s and s30’s always seem to look ‘right’ next to each other.

  5. Those golden/titanium wheels just set the whooooole thing off so perfectly

  6. How did i miss this post?! ha. Thanks for the kind word, I have been out of town, so only drove it one since I bought it. I will get more info and better pics soon. Thanks guys.

  7. What are the wheels up front? Definitely not the same as the Watanabe’s.
    Car looks great!

  8. That is one mean green machine.

    On a random note is this Jim Bauer of Odyssey BMX fame??

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