Didn't expect to say this but..

..the classic 911 looks surprisingly good with steel wheels. Fuchs are our first love, but we can see ourselves running these as winter wheels (that is, if we dared take out our [imaginary] classic 911 in winter conditions– rust, not our bodily safety, being the primary concern).

Photos: rapido356

~ by velofinds on January 7, 2010.

6 Responses to “Didn't expect to say this but..”

  1. All day. IMPO, there’s nothing better. Yeah yeah, fuchs and all, but I think these are the way to go for sure.

  2. aye. i always thought them to be the domain of 356s and perhaps 914s, so this was quite revelatory.

  3. The hot stuff these days is to widen them. Most likely the ones you guys like have been widened. They are typically 4-5.5 inches wide stock, which by todays standards, is pretty thin. They are widened to 6-7 wide and can regain their place in the filling out of narrow bodied cars.

  4. Targa California

    For comparison, these are widened to 6 all around with staggered tires. Compare to the ones you posted, and they are def widened. Any hot rod shop can do steel wheels.

  5. nice, thanks! yeah, contact patch is important to me, so i’d definitely look into widened steelies if i were to ever go this route.

  6. They look great in color too….
    Or a good grey new hurts.

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