5 distractions to avoid when driving

It’s easy to get distracted when driving. No one wants to sit in a silent car for hours on end, grasping the wheel so hard your knuckles go white and staring obsessively at the road. However, distractions are one of the main causes of car accidents. Losing focus on the road even for a second can mean that you don’t see a hazard. The following distractions could cause an accident when driving, and therefore should be avoided – or used with caution. 


Using a phone when driving isn’t just a distraction to be avoided, it’s against the law. Sending a message or checking social media can be incredibly dangerous, as can speaking on a handheld phone. This is because you’ll stop paying attention to the road, and might miss hazards ahead (is it difficult to prove the other driver was texting and driving before the crash?) If you’re worried about the temptation of checking your phone while driving, tuck it away in your bag or glove compartment.  


Many people need satnavs to get around. With a satnav, you never get lost. Take a wrong turning and it re-navigates. Long gone are the days of faffing around with an A-Z, frantically flipping the pages and shouting at the delegated map reader. However, satnavs should be used with caution. Fiddling around with one while driving can be the distraction that causes an accident. Stop the car before rerouting.


Many of us like listening to the radio to make a car journey go quicker. Music, podcasts or talk-shows can entertain us without taking our eyes off the road. Studies find that listening to the radio can help to keep people energised and focussed when driving, so in a lot of ways they are a good thing. However, like satnavs, radios should be used sensibly. Fiddling with the channels is another distraction that takes your attention off the road. You’d rather listen to the band you hate for two minutes than be in a life-threatening accident. 


When you’re in a rush and worried about being late, it can be tempting to eat en-route. Eating might not seem like much of a distraction. But, when you’re eating or drinking, you’ll need to have one hand off the wheel. This means that you’ll react slower to a hazard. So, avoid eating in the car if possible. Stop at a service station to do your munching.   

Noisy passengers

Driving with passengers can make the journey a lot more entertaining. We all like to have a little company when driving. However, sometimes noisy passengers can be more of a hindrance than help. If your friend won’t stops chatting when you’re doing a stressful manoeuvre or your kids are screaming in the back, you might lose focus.  

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