The Porsche 914 and 914/6

Love these. Not our first choice of older Porsche (aircooled 911) or even our second (944/968), but they’re certainly not far behind (we would include the achingly lovely 356, but we’re realists). In any case, we would take one in a heartbeat. Excellent reading on them can be had here and here, among other places.

Given that the 914 was once met with a lukewarm reception by the Porsche faithful, we wonder if the oft-maligned Boxster, too, will someday age as well as these cars have (at minimum, we expect this one will). But one trump card the 914 will always hold over the Boxster? Coming in sixth overall at the 1970 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Images: Chris Campbell, kris*, Richard, Sevan Calians, Dennis Noten, seattlerealtorgal, Kris Clewell, drummerboytom, unknown, Porsche, Richard Reynolds, Randy Wentzel, Clemson Chan, kath & leo, Paul Marotta, Marjolein,, Jim Bauer, unknown, roo8_2,

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  1. Love those 914s. The photo of one parked next to a 917 was a shocker – I always thought of the 917 as being such a big car! Big in spirit, for sure, but wow, that’s small.

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