Ladies in red: Porsche 924 and Mazda RX-7 (SA)

These terrific photos come from Michael Proske of Though their production years vary slightly (the 924 from 1976-86 (at which point it received the larger 944 engine and became the 924S), the SA RX-7 from 1979-85), it would not have been inconceivable to see the two pitted then as you see them here, especially given that each car in this shoot retains much of its stock look and character.

Mike volunteers the following:

The RX-7 was mine, but I sold the car a few years ago (it was just too small- my hair touched the roof when I drove it). The Porsche 924 belonged to a friend of mine- he sold his car as well. We both bought our cars at approxmiately the same time. We each wanted an affordable red sports car from the mid-’80s.

My friend’s choice was a Porsche, probably because he always wanted one. My choice was the RX-7 because my background is in Japanese cars and I simply knew that the car existed. Most people [here] in Germany told me later that they had never seen such a car before. The Porsche, of course, is very well known.

After going for a ride in the passenger’s seat of the Porsche, you will quickly realize that the two cars have totally different characters. The Porsche, with its simple four-pot engine, is very reminiscent of a VW Scirocco. You feel that almost the moment you grab the door handle to get in.

The Mazda is totally different- the rev-happy rotary engine gives it a true sports car feel. If you’ve ever heard the dainty sound of the NSU Ro80’s rotary engine, you’ll realize that the Mazda is completely different from that. The higher the speed of the Mazda’s engine, the happier it is, which is typical of a rotary. The sound of the 7 is just stunning at high revs, especially compared to the relatively tortured Audi engine in the Porsche!

Obviously, the 924 was a rival to the RX-7 and vice versa, so we had fun with this shoot. It’s also interesting to identify styling differences or obvious similarities when you place both cars side-by-side.

[Thanks to Mike for the information and photos!]

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  1. Not to be too pedantic, but wasn’t the telephone-dial rims on the 924 meant to be only for the 924S?
    I have owned both a 911 as well as 944 before, and I must be one of the few Porsche enthusiasts who love the 924, so I am not a “911 snob”! 🙂 To this day I appreciate the few well-kept ones.

  2. I wish they had had a GTV6 in this comparison test as well!

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