How to Find the Right Repair Shop for Your Brand New Fiat

Fiat makes one of the most reliable and efficient cars that don’t require frequent repairs. As per experts at service centres like, it’s a car nonetheless. Hence, your vehicle may call for a service or repair from time to time. 

Whether it is a minor or major issue, you have to drive down to a repair shop with your broken car to get it repaired. But a simple search will show you dozens of shops around you. So how do you choose the right one for your brand new Fiat? Below are a few things to look at.

Look at the Founding Date

As a rule of thumb, it’s wise to work with an established repair shop. Over time, an established shop learns the art and science of repairing a car for any damage. So, it is in a better position to offer the correct diagnostic and repair service. 

A new repair centre can potentially misdiagnose your Fiat. In such cases, you end up paying for repairs that weren’t even needed. Even worse, the actual fault might still be present and will show up later down the road. Get a brief guide on how to spot incorrect diagnostics and rip-offs for your reference.

An established shop also helps in other ways. By working with the local spare parts suppliers for so long, they’ve developed a close relationship with them. So they can offer a better price for any additional part.

Experience of Mechanics Matter the Most

The next thing you should look at is the experience of the mechanics who will be working on your Fiat car. They should be experienced and knowledgeable about Fiat cars, specifically. It’s even better if they’ve received any form of certifications and such. Even if they have less experience, they should have worked on Fiat cars before.

You can check for these things on the website, on their “About Us” page. You’ll also find the list of services they offer, among other details.

Warranty Coverage on the Parts

Although it’s not the job of a repair shop, it’s better to deal in spare parts that have warranty coverage. A limited period warranty covers most genuine Fiat spare parts. This ensures you don’t have to pay again if the parts are damaged within a short period.

When consulting with the repair shop, you should interrogate about the warranty coverage. Also, ask if the shop plays a role in warranty support.

Read the Online Reviews

Reviews are where you get a sense of how well the repair shop is doing with its customers. There will be a mix of good and bad reviews. But if the good reviews outnumber the bad ones, then the technicians are doing an impressive job.

Reviews will also inform you if the repair shop specialises in Fiat or any other models. So, read the top reviews before you drive down.

Make Sure it’s Local

Lastly, you should ensure the repair shop is located within your city, town, borough, locality, etc. That’s because you might have to drive down multiple times to get your car repaired. If it’s not within your near vicinity, then expect longer driving times for each trip you make.

Before you make the trip to the repair shop, it’s better to have a consultation over the phone. Most technicians will be happy to have a conversation with you.

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