Sign the petition.. lower the NHTSA’s minimum requirement of importing a grey market vehicle into the United States from 25 years to 15! Yes you will need to create a login to in order to sign, but the process is quick and you are given the option of opting out of email. And besides, if you are a regular to this site, you will agree that it’s for a meaningful cause. How nice would it be, after all, to be able to bring this lovely 2004 Autodelta 156 GTA AM over to the States in 2019 (as opposed to in 2029), a relatively brief seven years away 🙂

Sign now. And spread the word.

Hat tip to FPH for this one!

~ by velofinds on November 15, 2011.

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  1. Is that a modded 159?

  2. I’ll gladly sign any petition that brings Americans a little closer to the standard of living that Canadians enjoy. Do you also have a health care petition going around? 🙂

  3. As Jeremy Clarkson (Top Gear ) says, “You can not be considered a true car enthusiast if you’ve never had an Alfa Romeo.”

  4. I have signed the petition. This is a stupid law that protects neither manufacturers, nor consumers, or the driving public.

  5. U cant import car to USA unless it is 25yo? U joking, right?


    • Nope, not joking. Any car or configuration not commercially available in the US must wait out the 25-year rule (at which time it is deemed exempt from all EPA and NHTSA requirements).

      • Of course, you can import anything you want. You just can’t register it, title it or get it inspected, for road use.

        There’s also some risk that the Feds will confiscate the car if it catches their attention (such as by trying to register it, title it or drive it on public roads).

        There is a “show and display” exemption – but then you can’t drive it on public roads…which pretty much defeats the purpose of bringing it over in the first place.

        • There are various ways around all this, of course. But they’re mostly illegal, and not worth the risk.

          For example, say you really want a BMW E30 wagon (not sold in the US), and you don’t want to wait a few more years. You could graft the front end from a US E30 sedan (or perhaps just the critical VIN tag and serial number stampings) onto an imported E30 wagon.

          That will probably work in most states, but good luck insuring it for what it’s really worth, and if you do have a serious accident, that’s one more thing the insurance company can use as an excuse not to pay your claim (since you were driving a car that “didn’t meet NHTSA requirements”).

          As I said…unless it’s some kind of exotic car, it’s probably not worth the risk.

  6. The government has gotten tough on confiscating grey market cars recently, too. So this is a worthy law to change.

  7. The other way to get around this is for you to import several versions of the model and have them crash tested. I once saw a form for DOT IIRC where you can do this. But you would need to invest a few $hundred k initially before you could even have one to drive.

    Which is what motorex did with the R33 IIRC.

  8. Signed. Such a worthy cause, not only for auto enthusiasts, but proponents of consumer choice. This greatly increases consumer options (for those individuals, who are few, interested in such product) while still allowing the government to uphold strict safety and emission regulations for new vehicle sales.

  9. I can’t believe what I’m reading. USA is a weird country. I am with You all on that, hoping that some day they will change the law and you could drive any of your dream car. America is surely not a driver’s-country.

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