Green heaven

The weather cooperated. The GTI ran like a champ. Heck, even the drive home – in the company of a Z3 M Coupe and a pair of Alfa GTV6s that made up our convoy – was enjoyable, as we took to some of the finer back roads and byways that Connecticut and New York State collectively have to offer. In all, our trip to Lime Rock earlier in the week could not have been more perfect end-to-end, and only reaffirmed – as per usual – our love of enthusiastic driving.

Be it on the street or on the track, we love this stuff.

Here are a couple of laps around Lime Rock, with glorious pure engine sounds:

And here are some other sights from on and around the track.

Mr. Automobiliac:

Sweet lil’ Europa. Tiny!

Two red beauties— sheesh. How often do you see this?

911 Carrera on Fikses (we think). Nice, clean bumper conversion (even though we mind the impact bumpers less than ever).

996 GT3. Could we rock a 996? If it’s this car, then all. Day. Long.

Gorgeous 951 on CCWs. Wish we got more of this, but it was parked on the other side of the paddock. Piss poor excuse, we know 🙂

Europa on the track. So cool to see it out there, punching above its weight among the 911s and Corvettes.

And the baddest mother out there— it would not be an exaggeration to say we could hear it coming from a mile away. Almost. Pity we couldn’t get a shot of it spitting flames.

Happy motoring! Feel free to send in shots from your own track days, driving events, road trips, etc.

~ by velofinds on June 8, 2011.

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  1. Cool sight seeing 2 GTV6’s together, very cool. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  2. look at you in that video, man! passing the shit outta that Subie!!! i’m not sure what that other dark car was—–but very nice driving. Really wished i would have been there——looks like a total BLAST! Great stuff.

  3. ^dark car looked like a Mazda Protegé

  4. Best day ever, man.

  5. Nice video, how did you handle the sound issue?

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