This photography site/motoring club, the Asphalt Heritage Club in France, was brought to our attention recently by its Principal, Amaury Laparra (whose work is pretty well-known, and which we’ve had on here before as well). Wonderful photography! Some of the best we have seen in awhile, really just superb. And based on what they do, it looks like they are kindred spirits for sure, albeit with the amazingly good fortune of stunning machines and Europe’s finest roads/destinations at their disposal. We highly recommend that you not only check out and bookmark the site, but to also inquire within about some of their driving events and activities if you happen to be a motoring enthusiast from around those parts.

Here’s a sampling of the wonderfully atmospheric original automotive photography that can be found on their site. This is from their epic road trip set— shows that the BMW 1602 is not only a good car to take on such a trip (stylish, photogenic, fun to drive, and, according to Amaury, extremely reliable), but, on more practical matters, is also an excellent place from which to photograph! Its thin pillars and wide expanse of glass (typical of BMWs of the era) give the car a bright, airy, fishbowl-like interior that looks perfect for shooting, as evidenced by some of the shots.

Cheeky! Nice touch, guys.

There’s enough outstanding material on their site to run a Part Two, which will be tomorrow.

Edit: jump to part two here.

~ by velofinds on February 17, 2011.

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  1. Beautiful 2002 and photos! Wish I could retire tomorrow and do this stuff!

  2. This site is so insanely hot!

  3. Wondering what camera he used (and/or after processing) These images are absolutely gorgeous! What an inspiration.

    • looks like he’s shooting with a canon DSLR (*not* full frame!) for some or most of the shots. goes to show (as is the case time after time after time) that it’s all in the skill, not the gear. cheap equipment + great technique = extraordinary results…

      drivr needs to do and document a similar trip using a bertone coupe 😉

  4. […] * If you’re going to take a road trip across France in a BMW 1602, for pity’s sake take some excellent photography. And that’s just what the Asphalt Heritage Club did. (via) […]

  5. The photographer has a really good eye. As you say, it’s all in the skill. I love the photos of the car at the petrol station. The one at night, but particularly the close up one with the open fields beyond. A masterclass!

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