This is absolutely cool

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Organized by our good friend Noah Lambert. We would if we could.

Welcome to the first annual Mezzo 200 Reliability Trial. Modeled after the famed road races of last century, the Mezzo 200 (pronounced met-sō) is a leisurely 200 mile organized drive through the most beautiful roads in the Illinois River valley. There are no points, no penalties, no registration fees and no prizes, just a fun day of classic motoring. Held each year in early October, the Mezzo 200 is a “last gasp” outing for those registered on Illinois extended antique license plates and a great excuse to get out and enjoy the fall foliage with like-minded enthusiasts. Fix that oil leak, register your car below for FREE, and we hope to see you in October!


Cars eligible for registration are any sports or touring car produced in or before 1973. This is a fun day of driving for enthusiasts of old cars, not a snobby car show. Breakdowns are encouraged and rust is part of the fun. Bring the strangest thing you’ve got!

Learn more and register here. We’d love to hear and see your post-rally stories and photos.

Van life: Nao Tomii on his 1999 Volkswagen Eurovan Winnebago Camper

•July 28, 2015 • Comments Off on Van life: Nao Tomii on his 1999 Volkswagen Eurovan Winnebago Camper

As much as we’d like for it to be so, man – not least of all the family man – can’t live on driver’s cars alone—occasionally, he needs practical transportation, too. And when it comes to transporting multiple passengers across multiple state lines across multiple days (or weeks, or even months) and living out of that very transportation module, does it get much better than the iconic Volkswagen van? We think not. Here, we talk to Nao Tomii about his van ownership experience.

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Guest contributor: Michael Ardelean on his 1990 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 (964)

•March 19, 2015 • 8 Comments

My name is Michael Ardelean, and about two years ago I bought the 1990 Porsche 911 that you see here. There were a couple of quirks that influenced my decision:

  • I live a pretty minimalist lifestyle and I don’t have a lot of tolerance for uneccessary stuff, and I stay busy so I value time above all else. So I was looking for something purposeful and also reliable.
  • I have an aversion to disposable things, and I get a little bit sick thinking about how car companies know that their customers only keep their cars for 2-5 years and thus probably build new cars accordingly.

So basically, I wanted something with the narrow body and old school ruggedness, but with semi-modern power and working AC. Old enough to be cool, but nothing too precious.

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Berlin’s Corbusierhaus has the most amazing light of any parking structure we’ve ever seen

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There’s something about Berlin and its car parks.

Unité d’Habitation of Berlin (German: Corbusierhaus) is an apartment building located in Berlin, Germany, designed by Le Corbusier following his concept of Unité d’Habitation. Le Corbusier’s Unité d’Habitation concept was materialised in four other buildings in France with a similar design (source).

One gets the feeling that if Caravaggio could paint the inside of a parking garage, it would look a bit like the one at Corbusierhaus.

(Images: K_A_Y)

Benton Performance

•June 22, 2014 • Comments Off on Benton Performance

This is one of the more visually striking modern automotive videos we can recall seeing. Kudos to all of the folks involved in its production for pushing the artistic boundaries of what an automotive film can be.

You can see behind-the-scenes stills from the film here, as well as take a look inside Benton Performance’s garage from our own earlier feature here.

Guest contributor: Sina Pourcyrous on his 1983 Peugeot 505 STI

•May 5, 2014 • 10 Comments

This is the story of my reborn 1983 Peugeot 505 STI.

My dad bought it brand new off the showroom floor in July 1983 in the San Francisco peninsula. It was his daily driver for nearly 20 years. Growing up as a child, my father was my role model, so the car inherently became something that I admired, to the point that it kicked me into a lifelong obsession with cars at a time when most kids were playing with crayons and Play-Doh. My parents still say that “Peugeot” was one of my first words.

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Assorted grab bag of stuff we like

•March 10, 2014 • 9 Comments

Getting right to it.

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