“Best Driving Feel”

Here’s a clip from Best Motoring to get you in the mood for summer— and it’s a funny episode, too (in a very Japanese way), probably the hammiest we’ve ever seen of this show.  Watch as Tsuchiya puts a handful of roadsters through their paces on BM’s touge course— looks like boatloads of fun.

(The first 13.5 minutes or so are the most interesting.)

~ by velofinds on March 4, 2011.

6 Responses to ““Best Driving Feel””

  1. I wonder what the Corvette is doing there.. especially with traction control switched on.^^ But yeah, nice driving!

  2. The Honda S2000 and the Elise are great and more focused as sports cars, but the Boxster S has the advantage of better daily driveability.
    The S2000 are sportier in open roads and the Elise is sharper and more effective in narrow tracks.
    The S2000 sound is the best.

    Nice video

  3. since when is any s2000 an I6??? (15:05)

  4. No MX-5s?

    • the mx-5 is obviously a great car but isn’t in the same class/category as these other cars. at least that’s why i’m thinking they didn’t include it.

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