McQueen and his Lotus Eleven

We try not to descend into McQueen fanboy-ism (for as cool as McQueen obviously is, there is already enough of that on the web, almost to the point of being embarrassing— you’d think grown men were teenage girls), but these are some sweet shots that we think are worth posting for at least a couple of reasons: the Lotus doesn’t get as much play as the Porsches, Mustang, Ferrari, or Jaguar when it comes to things McQueen. And we’re suckers for clutter-free square compositions.

McQueen and his Lotus 11, circa 1959. This is the car that he traded his ’58 Porsche Speedster for, and as such it was McQueen’s first real racing machine. He enjoyed several good battles in it, winning a few races along the way. About it, McQueen said “In that Lotus I really started to become competitive. I was smoother, more relaxed; the rough edges had been knocked off my driving. I was beginning to find out what real sports car racing was all about.”


~ by velofinds on February 10, 2011.

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