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This clip has been around the block— we have seen it in a bunch of different places, but hadn’t dug into it until now. Should’ve done so sooner, because this is epic stuff. If the half-hour running time scares you, jump to 18:22 for the ending (although the whole thing is in fact worth watching).


(h/t to Tamerlane)

~ by velofinds on June 28, 2011.

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  1. Can’t see the video at work but love the BRE 510 shots with Jon Morton. My dad got to have breakfast with him and Pete Brock recently 🙂

  2. A classic. I love how pro-Datsun the Datsun-made film is. Reminded me of the tone of Truth in 24.

    • yup, basically a datsun infomercial— not that there’s anything wrong with that. little wonder alfisti were up in arms.

      • > little wonder alfisti were up in arms

        … and another chapter written in the great book of Italian Cheating in Motor-Racing. They do do it with style though! A great tradition carried over to today’s Ferrari team too of course.

        Which incidentally, we could probably do with a little more of…

  3. Wicked footage!
    Also, I wish I had the space and the time (and some more money):

  4. Wow!! Finally watched it last night. That’s great!! Makes me miss my 72 dime 😦 Mine sounded just like that with the Rebello L20 and the twin Mikuni 44’s. Ahh memories..

  5. What a classic the DATSUN is. I remembered when my Dad owened one. We use to go on family outings

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