250-hp, Cosworth-engined 1929 Ford Model 'A'

This is, without a doubt, one of the craziest, most badass, and quite frankly, most unexpectedly entertaining things we have come across in recent memory. And it should come as no surprise, given the same folks were also the brains behind this beast. Turn it up loud for the full experience:

The second movement of Beethoven’s Ninth could not have been a more appropriate soundtrack. And with notes like the following, you just know this is not going to be your average sports car build:

  • Wire or steel wheels would have been easier, but Kari wanted the absolute stealthiness of a wooden wheel.
  • Of course wooden wheels will not hold up to this combination, so MAT built its own mold to cast the wheels in aluminum, then painted them to look like wood.
  • How well does it stick? It’s the only ‘A’ we’ve ever seen corner fast and hard enough to lift the front inside tire without a catastrophic result.
  • Factory Model A seats may not provide a great deal of confidence during aggressive driving, but that’s what the Simpson race harness is for. The belts are mounted discreetly and can be tucked out of sight.

We never imagined we’d ever find ourselves in awe of a Ford that was manufactured only shortly after the invention of the assembly line. Well, that assumption has just been turned upside its head.

More here and here.

~ by velofinds on October 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “250-hp, Cosworth-engined 1929 Ford Model 'A'”

  1. The engine note juxtaposed with that interior doesn’t make any sense but I love it. It’s cool to see someone hustling an old dog like that around.

  2. The engine note juxtaposed with that interior doesn’t make any sense

    and that’s what makes it so crazy! nay, it’s what you might even call the ultimate sleeper car.. the ultimate q-ship.

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