How to Throw an Awesome Tailgate Party

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With football season just around the corner, football fans across the nation are looking for ways to make the games special. A popular way to start the occasion is hosting a tailgate party. For some, the buildup is so special that there’s no need to witness the game itself. Whether you’re planning on attending the next home game or traveling further afield for the best in football, gathering your friends for some delicious food, cold drinks, and lowered tailgates is an awesome way to spend the day.  If you want to make, your party guests forget they’ve bought tickets and stick around for your celebration, here are some tips you can try.

Plenty of Delicious Food and Tasty Beverages

There are many different plates of food you can serve up for your tailgate party. Why not let the guys do their thing and have everything on hand for a barbeque?

For the dedicated football fan the game is the most important part of the day but gathering together with good friends and family to enjoy delicious food can also play a big part.

Staples of any successful tailgate party are:

  • Burgers
  • Chicken
  • Sausages
  • Veggie options
  • Corn Dip
  • A selection of drinks and smaller snacks

Tailgate Party Games

Keep a healthy level of competition going with plenty of tailgate games. Even those who don’t want to participate in bocce ball, beer pong or cornhole can have a laugh watching everyone else. Why not include party favors for the winners, such as whistles, lanyards and football caps? The best way to impress your partygoers is to do something different.

Pump up the Crowd with an Awesome Playlist

It really depends on the type of audience you want to draw but picking some awesome tunes will soon get the party rocking. There are some classic game day songs you’ll need to include, some fight songs, chants, and pumping DJ tracks. If the sound system in your truck isn’t up to such an occasion, hire something for the day.

Watch the Game on a HD Video Display

Some of your party attendees won’t have bought their tickets in advance. Make sure you do by visiting a site such as so that you don’t miss a thing and can throw the perfect party for afterward. For those who may have missed the game, record it and allow your guests to watch the game in the best quality.

Creativity is the name of the game when it comes to planning an awesome tailgate party. From the party invitations, through to the food and how you watch the game, everything combines to make the event a memorable one. Set the benchmark when it comes to tailgate parties and you’ll have no end of willing people to come along and join in the fun. You don’t have to head to the stadium either. Why not invite the neighbors round and have a tailgate party in the backyard?

Best Mercedes Benz Movie Cameos

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Mercedes Benz cars have become movie stars in their own right having appeared in Hollywood blockbusters through the ages. From leading roles to small cameo appearances, many a Mercedes has been driven by the hero and the bad guy in some of the major movies of our time.

Mercedes vehicles have been attacked by dinosaurs, driven out of windows, cut in half and smashed to pieces in many of our much loved classic films – their iconic three-pointed star and unique style makes them stand out as an amazing addition for any movie.

Whether the car is driven by the star to show off their leading actor qualities, or is a stunt vehicle headed for epic ultimate destruction, you can be sure that there is a Mercedes to suit any movie requirements.

We asked Emily from Big Motoring World for her favorite Mercedes appearances.

Here is her quick rundown of some the best Mercedes Benz movie cameos:

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

This thoroughly modern SLS AMG is not only a star car but it also has a secret identity as Decepticon Soundwave in the movie. It is also one of the most expensive Mercedes to appear on the silver screen.

Sin City

In this 2005 movie Mickey Rourke steals a 1990 Mercedes 420 SEL from a priest, saying that all modern cars look like “electric shavers”.

The Last King of Scotland

In this film dictator Idi Amin travels in a bulletproof Mercedes 600 Pullman showing off all of the security features of this limousine-style vehicle.

Bad Santa

While it only makes a brief appearance, if you watch closely you will see a 1998 Mercedes SLK in this seasonal comedy.

Bridget Jones’ Diary

In this comedy romance Hugh Grant is seen driving a blue 1969 280 SE Convertible with co-star René Zellweger on a romantic weekend away scene.

Die Hard: With A Vengeance

In this classic action movie Samuel L Jackson makes an appearance when he takes part in a chase scene driving a 1986 Mercedes 560 SEL.

American Gigolo

Richard Gere’s character drove a 450 SL convertible throughout this film to help attract the ladies and keep up his playboy image. It works.

A Good Day To Die Hard

This classic Bruce Willis movie featured a number of Mercedes models throughout Moscow. In one chase scene alone you can spot three G-Classes, four Mercedes Sprinters and three Unimogs.

The Hangover

An iconic Mercedes 280 SE convertible appears in this film and gets put through a real beating while the actors compete to use the most swear words in one scene.

The Rookie

Clint Eastwood drove a Mercedes out of a building window, through a skylight and into a different building in this famous movie.

Jurassic Park – The Lost World

Two T-Rex dinosaurs attack a modified Mercedes-Benz M-Class in this classic film. The car survived but the driver didn’t.

Unknown Identity

As many as four generations of Mercedes E-Class feature in this film altogether making it an amazing reflection of the Mercedes’ film star quality.

National Treasure Book Of Secrets

This film features the most extensive car chase ever filmed in London and guess what – it involves a Mercedes.

Men In Black II

Will Smith famously describes the E-class in this film as “The new hotness!” Rumour has it that wasn’t even a scripted line in the movie.

Jack Reacher

For this film to work, a white 2012 C-Class Coupe was cut in two, so the interior could be filmed as well as the outside of the car.

Mercedes have been making cameo appearances in movies for generations, from the 1950s through to the most expensive Mercedes appearing in the modern Transformers films. Their sleek lines and luxury feel make them ideal cars for the star of the movie to be seen in.

But there is a lot more to Mercedes than outward good looks. In many movies they have been used as stunt cars including surviving being driven through windows, attacked by dinosaurs and being smashed into pieces by bad driving.

Mercedes have also been the car of choice for many famous car chases thanks to their speed and elegant lines which look amazing when racing against a city backdrop. They have appeared in the longest car chase through London and even chasing each other in one of the films.

What is certain is the wide range of Mercedes makes them the ideal car star for any movie appearance. From rom coms to sci-fi, from cop action to thrillers, Mercedes have been appearing in all types of genres for decades thanks to their class, style and classic good looks.

The only question that remains is which blockbuster of 2018 will Mercedes be making an appearance in? So when you next head to the cinema, keep an eye out for that three-pointed star on the screen and you can be assured of a car with guaranteed movie star quality.

5 Best Pieces of Advice To Give Someone After They’ve Received a CA Speeding Ticket

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One day, a friend may come up to you and tell you, “I just got a speeding ticket.” These tickets can cost hundreds of dollars with some exceeding $360 in California. You want to be helpful, so you should always suggest to your friend to hire a traffic lawyer San Francisco.

  1. Get a Lawyer

An attorney from The Ticket Clinic may only cost $99, making it a great investment to avoid paying a lot more. Tell your friend to always hire an attorney, especially if the friend brings up self-representation in court.

  1. Avoid Bad Defenses

You can tell your friend that there are certain defenses that simply do not work. Do not claim in court that other drivers were going just as fast. Changing the court date also generally does not work because the court will ask the arresting officer what date works best for him or her.

  1. Look Into Insurance

While most people will focus on the ticket itself after getting one, people also need to be aware their insurance rates can increase drastically. Tell your friend to mitigate the potential costs here by seeing if their insurance provider offers an online insurance reduction course discount to offset the costs.

  1. Write the Officer a Letter

One action that may help is to write the officer a heartfelt letter apologizing for the inconvenience. Show how committed you are to get the citation overturned. Have the attorney help you craft the letter so that you do not accidentally incriminate yourself.

  1. Do Not Panic

The best thing to tell your friend is to relax. A speeding ticket is not the worst thing in the world, and all your friend can really do in the future is to follow posted speed limits to avoid another citation.

Getting a California Highway Patrol speeding ticket is frightening, but fighting it is certainly possible. Contact a speeding ticket attorney from The Ticket Clinic at 1-800-248-2846 as soon as possible.

The Benefits of Jeep Storage and Organizers

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Jeepers are individuals who love to travel and experience adventure on a daily basis. They need storage spaces to keep trail maps, food supplies, tools and kids playing items. This luggage has to be secured to prevent any damage or theft.

Owning a jeep simply means you have invested all your money, time and sweat on a valuable vehicle. The last thing you may expect is someone mishandling your ride and trying to vandalize it.

If you need a jeep toolbox to keep your essential tools or a jeep lock box for your valuables, motoring con brio manufacturers have the best storage and cargo alternatives for you. The following are the benefits jeep storage and organizers.


Being a jeeper involves traveling long distances with friends and family. When you opt for a jeep lockbox, the safety of your valuables is guaranteed. These items are designed to be waterproof protecting your luggage from any weather conditions.

Create More Space on Your Jeep

Your jeep should suit your lifestyle and the availability of space is significant every space. These jeep tool boxes will create more space for people to sit etc. Besides, with storage parts available on the rooftops, your storage needs are simplified.

Maximum Organization

Jeep storage and organizers are significant for ensuring maximum organization within your jeep. How do you feel when all your belongings are stuffed in every corner of your stylish jeep? It looks awkward and untidy, right? These toolboxes will play a great role in ensuring order in your car.


Centre consoles designed for your jeep is currently the best and assures durability. It is located between the front seats and can store items like small wallets and sunglasses. It is made up of 16 gauge steel and offers a large storage space. In addition to that, it has a removable bracket that you can mount a stereo.

The following are the best security products that you should not miss in your jeep.

Jeep Glove Box

When purchasing your new brand jeep, it comes with a plastic glove box. However, you can modify this box and ensure you provide security for your valuables. The security glove box is the ideal glove box that perfectly fits your jeep. It is developed using a 16 gauge steel.

Jeep Security Lock Box

The jeep lockboxes are perfect for a soft top. They provide maximum security for your valuables. The material used is a 16 gauge welded steel that ensures both safety and durability. Besides; it has pick-proof tubular locks.

Jeep Security Cargo Lid

This is the perfect security product whether on the trail or just putting in another day of work. It works with the layout of your Jeep JK-4 door transforming your rear compartment into a wide lockable storage area. In addition to that, it has extra weight capacity on top for any additional cargo placed on top. The jeep security cargo is created from a strong and durable aluminum alloy.

The level of security you provide your jeep basically depends on your needs.

Five Types of Passengers You Don’t Want In Your Car

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Driving is fun, but it can turn into a painful experience if you are seated with the wrong kind of people. Not all passengers are nice and some can be a pain in the neck.

Let’s have a look at five types of passengers none of us would want

  1. The One Who Teaches You to Drive

This is the person who seems to know better driving than you do and would constantly tell you to go faster, slower or apply the brake. This can be anyone from your dad to your brother to your friend who thinks he is the best driver in the gang.

Other than this, he has constant tips on everything. He’ll ask you to buy cameras from, install a new set of speakers and get better seat covers as well

  1. The Lord of All

This person is the boss and would take the backseat despite the front seat being empty. He also orders you around asking you to change the music as per his will. He also seems to know the map better than you and would always suggest you to take another route.

He reeks of arrogance and treats you like a chauffeur. And if he sits in the front, he’d put his feet on the dashboard. Oh, the horror.

  1. The Messy One

This person is a total mess. He or she would throw everything in the car and then look around to find what he or she needs.

If they eats in the car, they’ll leave the mess behind. This can be bad as food crumbs can invite bugs in the car. You do not want such passengers driving with you

The best solution is to have a rule. Do not let people eat in the car. They can step out, finish the food and then get in. It may sound rude to some but most will understand the need.

  1. The Touchy Friend

This person sits next to you and is in a constant need to touch something. He or she would either keep itching himself or mess with the gearbox, usually not deliberately.

They are also in the habit of touching you when they talk. They are a distracraction and you don’t know how to ask them to control their habit. Other than this, they treat the car as it is their own.

They would change the music as per their will and also control the temperature as they like.

  1. The Scared One

This person is scared for one reason or the other. Everytime you apply the break, he or she feels like it’s the end of the world. He or she goes hysterical just as the speed crosses 40, and it is hard to explain to them that you are a seasoned driver and everything is under control.

Their fear has the ability to travel from one person to another and they somehow make you question your own driving abilities.

If you are unlucky enough to be driving around with such passengers, make sure to keep your patience and let them know you will not handle such behavior. Being upfront can actually help.

When Do I Need New Tyres?

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You’ve probably heard many stories about tyres, over inflated improves fuel efficiency or under inflated can increase grip. But, the simple fact is your tyres should always be at the right pressure, the one that your manufacturer recommends.

Over inflated tyres are actually very dangerous. But getting the pressure right is only the first step; there are actually a whole range of regular checks you should complete on your tyres.  As soon as your tyre starts to fail these tests and you can’t correct it you need to locate new tyres Melbourne has a host of tyre specialist centres, as does any part of the country!

It is advisable to use a comparison service to ensure you are getting your new tyres for the right price.

So How Do You Know If Your Tyres Need Replacing?

Your tyre is the only part of your vehicle in contact with the road, it provides grip which ensures you can accelerate smoothly, corner safely and even brake efficiently!

It works well in the dry, but the grip really stands out in wet weather, the treads are designed to push water away from the types, improving grip.

Your tyres need replacing if any of the following apply:

  • Low Tread

The minimum tread depth in Australia is 1.6mm but you should replace your tyres as soon as they go below 2mm, performance will already be reduced.

You simply need to purchase a tread depth checker, insert it into the tread of your tyre and it will tell you how deep they are.

  • Damaged Side Wall

A visual inspection of your side walls will quickly alert you to any foreign object which has been inserted into them; accidentally or intentionally.

However, you should also look for signs of cracking. This is particularly common in climates that are dry and dusty or if the vehicle is not used often. Cracked side walls dramatically increase the chances of a blow out when driving, which can have disastrous consequences for you and your passengers.

  • Deflating Regularly

If you notice that your tyre needs to be inflated on a regular basis and it is losing quite a bit of pressure then you probably have a slow puncture.

Your tyre may need replacing but it is also possible that it can be repaired. You’ll need to visit your local tyre centre to get professional advice.

It is important to note that driving on a deflated tyre will damage the inner wall and make it impossible to repair.

  • The Feel

A well balanced car should feel smooth and drive in a straight line, even if you let go of the steering wheel. If you’re finding that your vehicle is vibrating heavily or pulling to one side then you probably have a tracking issue.

This can cause premature wear on the inside edge of the tyre which you may not easily spot. It can also place strain on your gearbox and drive shafts.

If you experience either of these then it is best to have the vehicle checked by a professional.

What Are The Causes Of Poor Shifting In Motorcycling?

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The use of motorbikes has increased dramatically in recent years. IN fact, between 2010 and 2015 there was an increase of 22.3% in motorbike registrations! Motorbikes are attractive due to their low running costs, the ease in which they can negotiate traffic and the feeling of freedom every time you ride one.

This is why motorbike sales have increased so much and are likely to hit the million mark in the next few years.

Of course, not everything is perfect in the world of motorcycling. You still need to complete basic maintenance tasks yourself. Other issues can actually arise from the way you ride as opposed to a lack of maintenance or an issue with the engine. Shifting, or more accurately, poor shifting, is one of these. There are several common causes:

Shift Pedal

Most motorbikes will allow you to adjust the shift pedal; this is to make it as comfortable as possible when changing gear. However, if you adjust the height of the shifter too dramatically then you’re likely to find that it actually claps against the linkage. This effectively prevents you from shifting gear as the linkage is unable to move into the full release position.

The first step if you have a shifting problem is simply to examine the external shifter.

Clutch Drag

This is most noticeable when your bike is cold. The shift lever will seem very hard and the bike will not want to go into gear. In general this is because the clutch cable needs to be adjusted.

All you need to do is loosen the locking adjustment in your cable and then work the clutch lever a couple of times. Swing the handlebars to full lock in both directions before retightening the locking adjustment. You should be looking to add approximately ¼ cm to your clutch handle play.

The difference should be noticeable!


You might be surprised to realize that your size does matter. If you are trying to ride a bike that is too big for you, or too small, then you’ll not be able to operate the controls effectively. Something as simple as not bringing the clutch leaver in properly will give you shifting problems.

Clutch Lever

Your clutch lever needs to be released slowly to ensure the spines on your gearbox blend together seamlessly. This will create a smooth shift without any noticeable drag or any risk of locking your back wheel.

To aid this you can blip the throttle, this helps the engine revs match the road speed which will give you a much smoother shift.


It is possible that your clutch is worn out, causing you to slip while changing gears. Assuming the clutch cannot be adjusted, this is one situation where you’ll need to change it.

The alternative is that too many bad shifts or just wear and tear have damaged your gearbox; it might need rebuilding or replacing.

In many cases a poor shift is directly related to the way you operate your motorcycle but it is also worth checking out all the possibilities before committing to any one solution.