Thunderstruck the slot game

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This striking original from Microgaming is an entertaining fantasy slot bursting with adventure, you can play it at Thor Slots. If you are calculated and make the right choices, you’ll be sure to line your pockets with coins. Your commitment is all it takes to hit it big in this electrifying game.

Thunderstruck General Info

Prepare yourself for a fight, when this slot has you in its grasp there is only one choice and that is to finish the job. Riches will be hurled down at you like thunder, be prepared to catch the symbols and hope they match. Thunderstruck displays a 5-reel, 9 payline grid, it is a classic that is an old but gold.

Microgaming Slot Developers

Microgaming is a true giant in the casino industry, even non-players know the name. Since their creation of the first online casino, they have been going strong and partnering with the biggest names in gambling to create a plethora of smash hits.


Released in 2004, this classic creation by Microgaming follows the adventure of Thor, the God of Thunder. This slot’s display of 5-reels and 9 paylines is pretty standard, what is interesting about this game are the bonuses that rain riches down on players.

The screen is filled with Nordic-themed symbols such as Thor’s possessions – his hammer, fist, a lightning bolt, a ram, a horn, and a storm-ravaged castle. These make up the higher value symbols. The other symbols in the game are represented by playing card icons.

Thunderstruck Slot Bonuses

The wild symbol is represented by Thor himself, he is able to replace nearly every other symbol on the board except other bonus symbols. Any wins achieved with the help of the deity results in the prize being doubled. To get even more multipliers, players must try land the scatters, represented by rams. If 3 land anywhere on the reels they activate a free spin round where 15 spins are awarded to the player. During these free spins, any wins are multiplied by 3.

The low betting range attracts players with a lower budget, as well as, those looking to win bigger prizes through the max bet of 45 coins. Despite the lower pay range, the multipliers and the 96% RTP make this game worthwhile.


Even though this is one of Microgaming’s earlier releases, the visuals are still striking to look at and not at all outdated. This slot feels inclusive due to its low betting range, anyone can play this slot without having to hurt their wallets. The bonus symbols make this slot that much more exciting as the potential wins are increased substantially. This classic slot sports simplistic gameplay that has high replay value and that counts a lot, especially for veteran players that tend to circle back to traditional games they know they will enjoy playing again. Players can travel back in time to when the Nordic Gods were Viking legends and come home with their weight in gold coins.

7 Tips for Buying Your First Luxury Car

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You did it – you landed that high-paying consultant job, or maybe you finally made partner, or got the massive payout from that lawsuit that’s lasted ages. What better way to reward yourself than by buying a gorgeous, eye-catching luxury car? Remember, there are some important factors that you should keep in mind when buying your first luxury car. Take a look at these 7 things to consider.

  1. Are you buying new or used? Just because it’s a luxury car doesn’t mean you can’t be sensible about upfront cost. Used luxury cars can be a great deal, often being much cheaper than their new counterparts for a car just a year or two older. This is definitely something to consider when you’re first in the market for a luxury car.
  2. Know your seller. It’s important that you know and trust the place where you’re buying your car. Luxury vehicles are a large investment, and you want to be comfortable with the people who you’re making a deal with. It’s important to start by shopping locally at places embedded in your community. If you live in southern Nevada, consider an Audi Las Vegas dealership. If you live in New England, try looking for a dealership in your state.
  3. Pay attention to resale value. Some luxury cars have much better resale value than others. The next time you get a raise and want an even nicer luxury car, you’re going to want to sell your existing one. Make sure you get the most that you can for it! Of course, if the car you just have to have isn’t one that usually resells well, that’s understandable; it’s just another factor to consider.
  4. Make sure your credit score is great. Buying a luxury car with a terrible credit score will saddle you with a hefty and frustrating interest rate – and at the prices many luxury vehicles go for, interest rates are even more important to consider. Try using an online credit score checker to ensure that you have the credit needed for a low interest rate. Another thing to consider in this area, be aware of the fact that most banks and credit unions can offer you a much better financing plan than any in-house financing offered by your dealership. Having a bank loan ready to go also helps your ability to negotiate when the time comes, as you’ll be able to pay up front.
  5. What’s your style? Okay, once you’ve done your homework, you get to think about the fun stuff. What kind of luxury car person are you? Are you cruising down the 101 in a brand-new Tesla, taking in the Las Vegas nightlife in your Audi, or impressing the boys at the rodeo in your massive Ford Raptor? Remember that a luxury car is a huge part of your image; you’ll want to be sure that you craft that image the way that best suits you.
  6. Pay attention to features. Are you a tech-lover who needs the latest gadgets built into their luxury ride? Many newer models come equipped with GPS, touch screen interfaces, surround sound stereo, as well as rear bumper cameras, automatic collision protection, and loads of other safety features. Luxury cars aren’t exactly known for their frugal fuel economy, but there are still plenty of hybrid and electric luxury models to choose from. Definitely know ahead of time what tricked out features your new ride must have.
  7. Remember to negotiate and stick to your budget. It can be easy to get carried away by the thrill of luxury car-buying. But remember, when you find yourself in that dealership, it’s important to stick to your guns and not go too far over-budget. Be sure that the pace of the negotiations are comfortable for you too. You might find yourself in negotiations after completing a test drive, and signing paperwork a blink of an eye after that. Remember to slow down and take time. Tell the dealer that you need a day or two to mull things over. Then, come back and be better prepared to negotiate.

Keep these tips in mind, and remember to have fun and drive safe out there on the roads in your new luxury ride!

A Complete List of Cool Truck Stuff and Accessories to Buy

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Having a truck can be great for many different reasons. Check out this list of cool truck stuff and accessories to go along with your car.

From the year 2016 to 2017, pickup trucks saw an astounding 5% growth in sales. That trend is continuing to permeate into current years and a big reason why is because Americans love just love their trucks, don’t they?

There’s something about getting behind the wheel of a truck that just makes you feel a special kind of free.

If you’ve got a new truck that you want to trick out or have an existing one that you’d like to breathe new life into, the cool truck stuff that we’re about to recommend that you buy will fulfill all of your wants wonderfully!

1. Tri-fold Soft Cover

Our first cool truck stuff accessory is an item that the vast majority of pickup truck owners make as their first purchase. A high-quality tri-fold truck bed cover.

Tri-fold covers enable you to roll down a soft yet impermeable cover that can protect your truck bed’s cargo from rain, snow, and theft.

They’re cheap, easy to install and will make your truck a lot more versatile.

2. A Truck Bed Step

A lot of the truck owners on our team aren’t spring chickens anymore. Consequently, it’s getting harder and harder for them to step into their truck beds.

To remedy that problem, some savvy accessory makers invented the truck bed step and saved us old folks from blowing out our knees.

In all seriousness, young or old, truck bed steps allow you to easily get in and out of your bed which boosts productivity and reduces injury potential.

3. Quality Floor Liners

Your pickup truck’s floor rugs are going to get absolutely decimated after a few off-road trips. And you know what? Those lame floor liners that your truck came with aren’t going to do anything about that.

That’s why you have to step up your game by buying quality, aftermarket floor liners.

Aftermarket liners are one of the most common cool truck stuff suggestions that you see on Toyota Tacoma accessories lists, Ford truck lists and a number of other listicles online.

If you care about your truck’s resale value, you’re going to want to make this accessory a priority.

4. A Bed Mat

Speaking of resale value, buying a bed mat is another sound investment.

As you load things in and out of your truck bed over the years, it’s going to get pretty beat up. With a good bed mat that’s easy to wash down, you’ll save your truck some scars and save yourself some money when it comes time to trade up.

5. TruckBed Locking Toolbox

If you use your truck for work, you’re going to want to buy a locking toolbox that you can bolt into your bed. You see these just about everywhere and the reason why you do is because they’re so dang practical.

Our Final Thoughts on Cool Truck Stuff That You Should Buy

Pickup trucks are pretty cool. Pick up trucks that are accessorized with cool truck stuff are even cooler.

If you want to take your truck game to the next level, don’t wait and start buying some of the product suggestions that we just hit you with.

Looking for more truck inspiration? We’ve got everything that you’re looking for right here on our blog so keep reading and keep getting awesome ideas!

High Pressure Problems: Common Hydraulic Hose Failures

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No matter the application, when using high pressure, hydraulic hose failures are more common than not. Learn the root causes for troubleshooting.

Safety is paramount when it comes to using hydraulic systems. Prevention is better than cure. You can prevent your hydraulic systems from causing damage or injuries through proper maintenance and repairs.

The hydraulic systems come in many types of machines. From hydraulic cylinders to hydraulic pumps, there is a variety of hydraulic equipment. Each hydraulic system performs different functions and requires a particular kind of attention.

The hydraulic equipment may have setbacks such as leaks, contamination, and pressure and temperature variations. Let’s focus on the common causes of hydraulic hose failures and the necessary maintenance and repair practices to ensure safety and durability.

The Hose Is Blown Off Due to Improper Fitting

The hose gets blown off due to not being fitted properly. The hydraulic hose should be fitted properly with the shells tightly attached to the hydraulic hose. The hose getting blown off can be frustrating especially when using the hose.

Ensure that the hose assembly is well done. Replace the hose assembly and ensure that you get the right recommendations from the manufacturer.

Hose Leakage

Leakage can be brought about by cutting of the tubes or piercing the tubes when assembling the hose. The leak is also caused by lack of proper lubrication making the tubing to be worn out.

Ensure that there aren’t any contaminants that can cause damage to the tubes. Furthermore, you should be very careful when assembling the hose to avoid cutting the tubes. Also, ensure that you replace any leaking hose assembly.

Hose Burst

The hydraulic hose may burst due to friction from external objects. Any rough objects rubbing on the hose may cause the hose to burst, exposing the wires.

In this case, ensure that you replace any torn hoses that may expose the wires and cause corrosion as well. Even so, ensure that you install protective sleeves to guard the hoses. Make sure that the hose is away from external objects or other hoses that may bring about damage.

Maintenance and Repair Practices

Here are some few tips on the maintenance and repair practices for common hydraulic problems.

Hydraulic Hose Maintenance Routine

Plan a schedule to check the hydraulic system regularly. Check for any leaks on the hydraulic hose as well as overheating and pressure irregularities. Check for any issues that may bring about massive future problems.

Having a maintenance routine will aid in preventing your hydraulic machine from breaking down unexpectedly. Furthermore, the maintenance practices ensure that the hydraulic hose is durable and efficient for a long time.

Prevent Contamination

Before the hydraulic hose is assembled after service, ensure that is properly cleaned. If the fluid that runs through the hydraulic hose has any gravel or rough material, it may wear out the delivery tubes.

Contamination of the parts will also hinder the hydraulic system functionality and lead to a failed assembly as well.

Repair Damaged Assemblies

Repairing hydraulic equipment can be expensive. You should be alert for small issues that can lead to huge problems. Learn to identify potential threats.

Are there any cracks or abrasions? Look out for any leaks and twisted tubes that can lead to more hydraulic problems. In the case of a hydraulic cylinder, ensure that you check for any pressure changes.

Check for any cracks that may cause water seepage on the hydraulic pump and cause damage to the wires. Leaving the cables exposed may lead to rusting and other adverse effects.

Find the Best Repair Company

Find the best hydraulic system repair services in the market. You can enter the web and search for hydraulic hose repair near me.

Hydraulic cylinder repair services need to be done to the letter to ensure that your hydraulic systems are well maintained and durable. Find a hydraulic repair company that will also give you a maintenance schedule and appointments.

Wrapping Up

For the safety of the hydraulic machine users, ensure that the hydraulic systems are in tiptop condition. Carry out regular maintenance practices and periodic repairs. When you properly maintain your hydraulic system, you prevent frequent breakdowns.

Fewer breakdowns also mean reduced cost of repairs. Save on the hefty repair costs by conducting regular maintenance. It also increases the lifetime of your hydraulic hose without having to replace quite often.

Even so, find hydraulic system experts to help you maintain the hydraulic hose as well as carrying out the necessary repairs. Do your research and settle for the best hydraulic professionals in the market.

Looking for more helpful content? Check out the rest of our blog!

Exotic Car-Driving Experience

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High-performance exotic cars are not ordinary vehicles that you find on the road, with every other person driving them. These top-of-the-line automobiles cost a fortune, and only a few can afford to own one. However, just because you cannot afford one does not mean driving exotic cars is impossible for you.

Did you know that your dream to drive an exotic car can come true, and that you can have that wonderful experience you have been yearning for? Well, you can obtain the opportunity and get a feel for these sophisticated machines. How is this possible? You can drive exotic cars by opting for exotic car rentals.

Different exotic cars for your chosen duration

Many car rental companies, even for exotic cars, have an array of vehicles to cater to the different tastes of their clients and to turn their dreams of getting that coveted ride in exotic cars into a reality. Different exotic cars include the Lamborghini Aventador, the Lamborghini Huracan, the Rolls Royce Wraith, and more. Rental companies have packages for renting out exotic cars for a day, several days, a week, a month, or for a customized duration that is appropriate for you. You get to experience unimaginable speed, coziness, and luxury at its best with these exotic cars. One of the best experiences is getting to drive the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4, whose roaring engine full of power is an amazing experience. You can have the opportunity to enjoy such a ride at Milani Exotic Car Rentals.

Driving experience to match your dreams

As mentioned previously, exotic car rental service providers have a plethora of exotic cars for you to choose from to meet your dreams. You can drive a Ferrari, like Ferrari Berlinetta or Porsche models, or anything that you can dream of and are dying to take for a spin. You will have an awesome and unforgettable driving experience with any of these exotic cars. Whatever the reason you need the exotic car for—making a grand entry into an event; enjoying a great and unique vacation, like in Germany, where speed limits are not a bother; or taking a ride with your loved one on your honeymoon—there are many types of exotic cars that will enable you to enjoy your time fully.

Budget and lack of prior experience not a barrier

Is your budget or the fact that you have not previously driven an exotic car holding you back from enjoying your exotic car experience? You shouldn’t worry. You only need to make a call or visit the website of the rental company and arrange a rental for one of their exotic cars, as they have something for almost every serious client. The rental company’s sales representatives will help you to choose a car within your budget, answer all your queries concerning the car you are interested in, and get you the best rate—be it for a daily, weekly, or monthly rental. If you do not have previous experience with an exotic car, you will be given some guidance so you are good to go.

Final words

Imagine yourself behind the wheel of your favorite exotic car zooming down the road in the highest comfort and great luxury. Well, exotic car rentals can make this dream a reality, so go for it and you will have an unforgettable driving experience.

Safety Requirements for Road Vehicles

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There are many advanced safety features, such as forward collision warning and automatic braking, that help you avoid accidents. Seatbelts, too, can save lives. Other safety features you should take into consideration when comparing different models are antilock brakes and electronic stability control.

Here is an outline of some basic safety features.


Airbags have been in all new cars and light trucks in the past. The crash sensor is mounted to an onboard computer to detect a front collision and activate the airbags. The airbags inflate within the blink of an eye, and then they immediately start deflating.

Airbags have saved thousands of lives, but they can probably cause injury or death to the passenger who isn’t using a seatbelt. Children below the age of 12 should be seated in the back in a right-restraint system, and rear-facing children should never be fitted in front seats furnished with airbags.

Side airbags protecting side impact for front-seat passengers are common, although some automakers offer side bags for back-seat commuters, too. Side airbags are slight cushions that pop out from the trim of the door. They protect the torso, but they don’t adequately protect the head. However, newer models include a side curtain bag that deploys from above the window to prevent the travelers from hitting their heads and shielding them from flying wreckage. In most cases, the curtain stays inflated to protect people from being ejected during a roll-over.

Antilock Brakes (ABS)

Before the invention of antilock brakes, there was a hard brake. It was used to lock up the wheels, sliding the anterior wheels to make it impossible to steer, especially on slippery surfaces. ABS prevents this occurrence by using the sensors at each wheel to intensify braking action to avoid them from locking up. It also allows the driver to maintain steering control while braking so that the vehicle can be moved around an obstacle. ABS promptly applies the brakes to offer maximum power and control.


Telematics is a combination of a cellular network and GPS technology by automakers to provide automated services that offer high levels of security. The system includes OnStar, BMW Assist, Toyota safety connect, Hyundai Bluelink, and Mercedes-Benz’s mBrace. These systems allow the driver to communicate with the central communication center at the touch of a button. The center knows the exact location of the car and can provide directions upon request. If an airbag is triggered, the system automatically notifies the dispatch center. It locates the vehicle and calls emergency services.

Some vehicle systems, like Fiat-Chrysler’s Uconnect, have an E911 support service that uses a paired mobile phone to call 911 by an infotainment system, which is mounted instead of an onboard modem. You can get more details on telematics features at EyeRide online and choose those that suit your needs and that will make your vehicle better and safer.

Tire Pressure Monitor

Government regulations requir cars to have a low tire pressure warning system. Low tire pressure can upset handling and fuel economy. It can lead to blowouts, as under-inflated tires are more vulnerable to damage and wear. The tire can lose pressure through the rubber, and it does so slowly, without the driver noticing. This type of tire pressure monitor is favored because it measures tire pressure directly. Others monitor air loss by using a sensor to total the number of wheel revolutions.