How To Use A Hi-lift Jack To Change A Tire

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Whether it’s a sports car, normal car or off roading beast like Jeeps, all of them some day will put you into the jeopardy of changing it’s tires. Changing tires is one of the basic problems that come with cars and you have to be prepared for it. The preparedness comes from having the extra set of tyre, the tools compatible with your car model and will power to change it without losing the last ounce of patience. The most important step that is required while changing the tires is to get it in the air. No, I am not talking about making it fly some how but to lift it off the ground giving you enough space to work your way and remove the tire safely. will guide you towards the safe way to use hi-lift to change the tire

Follow the below steps:

  • First we will start with parking your vehicle in a safe place like side of the road as to avoid any hinderance. Another thing you have to make sure that the car is placed on a firm and even ground to facilitate a hassle free repair.
  • Take all the tools out and start by taking off the wheel cover and loosening the bolts that fixes the tire to the axel.
  • Now Hi-lift jack is majorly used for big and heavy vehicles hence the process of using it is a bit different from normal ones. Set up the bar work on the firm ground and attach lift-mate. It’s a go to accessory to successful lifting of the vehicle.
  • Lift-mate is the adaptor or an add on that attaches itself on the nose of the jack accompanied by two hooks that grab the wheel.
  • Then to lift the wheel to change you need to lower the axel back down to the wheel chock. This will keep your vehicle hanging giving you the space to change the tire.

Many of you reading this must be thinking that there is no way that one type of hi-lift jack can be compatible with all types of heavy machineries. Well that’s true and to satiate the curious cat in you Autonerdsreview has compiled a list of some of the Best Farm Jack to guide you easily to your desired option. While considering to buy, you have to make sure to check the price point, it’s weight, durability and one that is most compatible with you and help you do the work without using too much of your strength.

Some of them are:-

  • Hi-Lift Jack PP – 300 Post Popper: High durability due to made of steel, easy to use, best for jeep winching, light in weight.
  • Reese Towpower 7033400 48” Farm Jack7000 lb. Load Capacity: Best farm jack to use for other agricultural purposes, versatile, multi-purpose, durable.
  • Hi-Lift Jack HL 485 48 inches Hi-Lift Red All Cast Jack: Best farm jack, compatible with most vehicles, made of cast iron, rust resistant, pocket friendly.

6 Tips To Help You Save Up For Your Own Set Of Wheels

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Are you tired of always having to rely on your friends and family whenever you make plans? Is begging your roommate to give you a lift to the shops getting annoying? Being independent, but having no form of transport absolutely blows!

Which is why we completely understand how desperate you are to get your own set of wheels!

But in order to do that, you need some dough, right? The good news is through this article, we plan on giving you five tips, which if you follow can help you save up for a new car in no-time. So, are you ready to get into it?

The First Step – Determining How Much You Need To Save

It’s going to be rather difficult to get a savings plan in motion without knowing how much you need to save, right?

That’s why the first thing you need to do is window shop. Browse various online websites, and dealership stores near to your location to get an idea of what vehicle you want, and how much it will cost.

Remember, at this point, nothing is set in stone. This is just to give you a rough idea of how much capital you will need to save. Here are a few good websites you can browse to get an idea of how much your dream first car will cost:


Now You Have A Rough Idea Of How Much You Need – What Do You Have Available?

It’s all good to decide that you want an Aston Martin DB-9 for your first car, but unless you are some superstar, genius – that’s not really a viable choice for a first-car, right?

Which is why once you have an idea of what the realistic price range is, it’s going to be time to budget in your expenses to see what you can afford.

The majority of the time you will be paying off your vehicle over a set period of months. So, you want to make sure that you have enough cash on hand for both your usual expenses, as well as your monthly car payments.

The good news is that there are online tools that can help you with this.

You should look at different payment terms and lengths of repayment to get an idea of the flexibility that you will have when it comes to paying off your car. It’s also important to remember that investing in a car is more than just worrying about car payments.

You will also have other expenses added on to your budget. For example, insurance, as well as gas costs, maintenance and upkeep, etc.

Another benefit of doing this is you make sure you don’t bite off more then you can chew. The absolute last thing you want to do is invest in a brand new car and realize that you can’t afford it. This just leads to Legal Fees and problems that you are not looking for.

Savings Is Your New Best Friend

Putting money away each month sounds easy as pie. However, remember life is full of unexpected surprises and expenses. Take it from me, putting away money is not as easy as it sounds.

If you struggle to control your habits, that’s okay. Did you know that over 65-percent of Americans struggle to put money away?

But guess what, where there is a will – there is a way.

You can set up automatic payment deductions on your account after you get paid. We suggest that you do this, and put the money into a long-term savings account. This way, not only will you be unable to access the money, but it will also earn accumulative interest.

Make Sure You Shop Around

Would you be willing to rent out a house that you have never seen, in a neighborhood you have never visited before? Probably not, right? Well, the same principle should apply when you are looking for the “perfect” first car to invest in.

It is incredibly important to shop around. Remember, this is not something that you want to rush. Take your time, look for the best deals. Make sure that the car you are buying is not plagued with a million hidden problems, and expenses.

Doing this will ensure that you get the best bang for your buck at the end of the day. For more tips on how to window shop efficiently for your vehicle, you can check out this article.

Now that you have these tips, you are armed with the knowledge to start the process of saving up for your very own set of wheels. Good luck!

Cleaning Diesel Injectors – What you Need to Know

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Have you noticed that your car loses power? Does a lot of black smoke come out of the exhaust? Do you spend more fuel on your account lately? All these are indications that the injectors are dirty and you have to clean them with diesel fuel injector cleaner.

In this article we will tell you how to clean the injectors of a diesel car and how to clean the injectors of a gasoline car in several different ways, from just throwing a product in the tank until disassemble the injectors completely.

This time we will explain how to know that our vehicle has dirty fuel injectors, and of course, how to clean them if necessary. Problems in the fuel injector appear when it is dirty or clogged. The symptoms that can make it evident are varied, from problems with the start of the car, stumbling forward, failures in the emissions tests, a decrease in the performance of the car and inability to reach high revolutions in the engine.

There are Two Problems That Can Occur With Injectors:

That present obstructions or entry of air, dirt and cause the symptoms mentioned.

Have fuel leaks, which can cause a strong fuel odor inside the vehicle, in addition to fuel efficiency problems.

Why Do You Have to Clean the Injectors?         

Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner prevent the car from having normal operation and, above all, produce a much greater consumption of fuel. In addition, the car will give you jerks in the first or second gear and may not even start if the injectors are clogged.

In short, if you do not keep them clean your car may stop working overnight, or at least it will end up making you spend a lot more fuel. Keeping in mind that cleaning them is cheap and easy, it does not make sense not to do it.

What Types of Cleaning are There for the Injectors?

Mainly there are three methods to clean the injectors, although here we are only going to explain one because ultrasonic cleaning and cleaning with a sweeping kit are quite expensive and are not within the reach of most budgets.

Cleaning with Additives

This cleaning consists of adding liquids to the fuel tank to clean the injectors. An easy and economical method. If they are used from time to time it is fine, but it is not advisable to use them regularly.

Tools Needed

Additive cleans injectors:  product to clean injectors that can serve as quick and easy solution if you choose this method. You will have to buy a specific one for diesel or gasoline among popular brands.

  •         Diesel or gasoline injectors cleaning kit:  a bottle with cleaner, a pressure gauge and a hose used to pressurize the inside of all injectors and eliminate contaminants. It is used to clean with method 2 of the previous section.
  •         Allen key:  to remove the screw of the fuel pump.
  •         Spanner:  to tighten the pressure gauge.

How to Clean the Diesel Injectors with Clean Additive Injectors?

To clean the injectors with this method, it is not necessary to follow practically any step. You just have to read the manual of the product that you bought and apply it on the fuel tank.

When you have done it, it is recommended that you go for a walk with the car for a while so that the additives do not stand still and can circulate throughout the fuel tank.

How often to clean them with Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner?

It is advisable to clean the injectors, regardless of whether it is a diesel engine or gasoline, every 50,000-60,000 kilometers. Most injectors hold more time, but if you do it later you might find that they are plugged and the cleaning would be much more complicated.

What You Need to Know About Finding a Property to Buy

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It is a dream for many people to own their home, yet for the majority of people, this seems unattainable as it is such an enormous purchase to make and usually the biggest one that they will make in their lifetime. While it can be an expensive, complex and lengthy process to purchase a property, this should not deter you as there is nothing quite like owning your own home, particularly if you are raising a family. There is guidance every step of the way, and there are always solutions for any issues that you may encounter when it comes to buying a house. With that in mind, the following article will help you understand what you need to know about finding a property to buy.

Save As Much Money As Possible

You should save as much money for a house as possible, which means that it may take a few years to save and you may want to adjust your current budget so that you are tucking away more each month. This is because the higher the percentage of the property that you are able to put down, the better the mortgage products that you will be able to access.

Boost Your Credit Rating

When applying for a mortgage, one of the main steps that they will take to determine whether or not you are a reliable borrower is to check your credit score. It means that you should check your rating to see if your score needs to be improved and also to see if there are any mistakes as these can result in rejections. If necessary, you should then take steps to improve your credit rating. However, these steps can take time so the earlier that you check, the better.

Speak With A Mortgage Broker

It can be daunting to look for a mortgage with so many different lenders offering different deals. A mortgage broker will be able to guide you in the right direction and answer any questions that you might have so that you can find the right mortgage and enter the market with confidence.

Consider Government-Sponsored Loan Programs

Home loan programs from the Government can be a brilliant way for people to purchase a home if they are currently struggling to get approved. As an example, a USDA loan does not require any down payment, so you are able to purchase with a minimal amount of cash. USDA loans focus on homes in rural areas and are ideal for those looking to escape the major cities. You can read more about this important loan program here:

Identify What You Need From A Home

Before you start searching for properties and arranging viewings, you first need to write down what your requirements are from the property. It might include a certain number of bedrooms, being within a certain radius from your place of work, nearby to local schools and various other factors.

Research Areas

When you start to look at properties, it is essential that you look into much more than the home itself. Make sure that you are researching the area in terms of local amenities, transport links, crime levels, noise and whether or not there are plans to build in the area. This information can easily be found online with a little research, but you should also speak to those that currently live in the house and any neighbors.

Do Not Rush!

It is crucial that you do not rush this purchase as it is an enormous commitment to make and a lot of money will be changing hands. You need to make sure that it is the right property for you and this means that you may need to wait a while until more properties come on the market as you may find that there are times where your options are limited. Hopefully, you will be in a stable position, but if not, there are always short-term rentals to consider while you continue to search for the perfect property.

Getting your foot on the property ladder is major life accomplishment and something that many people strive for. It can be a complex, lengthy and expensive process, but with patience and commitment, you should soon find the perfect property to purchase. The above tips should help you to navigate the market with confidence and allow you to find a suitable property no matter what your current circumstances are. There are always solutions to issues that you may have when it comes to buying a property, and you can also find plenty of helpful guidance to help you along the way.

How To Test Drive A Car

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When you are looking to buy a new car, whether that vehicle is brand new or used but new to you, taking it for a test drive is an important part of your decision-making process. It is not just a formality that you can overlook simply because you like the look of the car (inside and out) and it falls within your budget. The test drive can either cement your want for the car, or it can show you that it’s not actually as great as you thought it was. Knowing this is all-important because you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a vehicle only to discover that it is a terrible thing to drive around in.

Here are some ideas of what to look for when you take the car out for a test drive so that you make a good purchase rather than one you will live to regret. Remember, as the buyer, you are always the one in control, so if you don’t like a car after you have driven it, don’t be afraid to say no thanks and walk away.


The size of a car can be deceptive; it may look large from the outside, but when you come to sit in the driver’s seat, it may not be big enough due to lots of dials and a large console. Or you may find that you can’t move the seat where you need it to be in order to drive comfortably and safely.

You also need to remember that it’s not just your comfort that you need to think about. How many other people are regularly going to be in the car with you? If it’s a family car, for example, how many children are you going to want to fit in it? If possible, take them along with you on your test drive and speak to them afterward about whether or not they were comfortable.

If you also need to take strollers, bags of shopping, golf clubs, or equipment for work in the car, is that all are going to fit too? The trunk needs to be tested so that you know how big it really is and what you can fit inside. There is no point in purchasing a car, perhaps even paying the deposit on your credit card, if it just isn’t going to be any good. Using this method to pay for your deposit can be worthwhile, though, as you will always have legal comeback – learn more about obtaining credit even if you have a bad score.

Is It Working?

Any car that you buy from a dealer will have – hopefully – gone through a series of inspections and checks before it is made available to the public. Any damage that might have occurred during transit and any faults within the car itself should have been fixed before anyone goes in to buy it. However, faults can occur at any time, especially with a used car, and this is something else to look out for when taking a test drive.

Although you may not be a mechanic or any kind of expert when it comes to a car and its engine, you will be able to hear any strange noises that might indicate a problem. You will be able to see if the lights are all working, and the windshield wipers. What about the windows and the air conditioning and heating? You can feel how well the car drives and whether it stays on track or veers off. How does the stick feel when you move it? Is it smooth or does it jolt and snag? If you drive the car as you normally would, ideally on a route that you know so that you can really concentrate on the car itself, you will soon discover what feels right and what doesn’t.

The Interior

A test drive is not just about looking at the mechanics and feeling how the car drives. Checking out the interior is important too, especially when you are buying a used car. Look to see if there are any rips or tears in the seating and whether the carpets are in good condition. There might be scratches that look unsightly that could cause a problem in the future. Is there a strange smell (perhaps of cigarette smoke if the previous owner smoked in the car) that you wouldn’t be able to live with? These are all things to take into account during your test drive. Of course, if you’re buying a second-hand car, you won’t expect it to be perfect, but it should still be reasonable, especially if you are paying a lot for it.

The Exterior

A test drive will, of course, mean that you are focused on the interior of the car, but don’t forget to check out the exterior too. Rust can be a big problem with cars, and so it’s important to check whether you can see any or not, for example. Also look to see if there is any evidence of previous accidents. Although this may not affect the car’s performance, it could cause a problem when trying to finance the vehicle, and your insurance premium may go up as a result.

Don’t Rush

It’s easy to fall in love with a car both before and after driving it. Cars can represent a lifestyle that you are looking to attain, or might even serve as an important rite of passage. You might simply need a new car so finding one you like that fits your lifestyle and your budget, and that you enjoyed driving, could indeed be tempting. However, even if everything does seem to have fallen into place, you shouldn’t rush the transaction. Take some time to think about it. How long will depend on your own feelings; some people might choose to go away and sleep on it – may even take a few days to make a decision – and others might like to go and grab a cup of coffee nearby before returning to the dealer.

The important thing to remember is that this is a big decision, and no matter what car you are buying, it is going to cost you a reasonable sum of money. This is why it is important to make a level-headed decision and not be swayed by your emotions; stepping away from the car will help you do that.

How to Take Care of Your Vehicle

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‘A stitch in time saves nine’ goes the slightly annoying phrase. But you know that taking care of your valuable items will prevent more serious damage happening to them down the line.

Taking care of your car is no exception. In fact, the maintenance of your vehicle is one of the most important regular duties you should observe in order to save yourself time, stress and hassle in the long-run. By using the tips provided below, you’ll be able to nip in the bud all those potential issues with your vehicle that can develop into car-based catastrophes if neglected.

The Windshield

You might not know that tiny chips and cracks in windshields can cause a catastrophic shatter when your car rides over bumps. That’s because the structural integrity of the glass has been compromised. If this does happen, call up Utah Windshield Replacement to get a new screen fitted at your earliest convenience. By getting a windshield replacement as soon as possible, you reduce the risk of issues appearing later on.


One of the least appreciated parts of your vehicle, but also one of the most important, your car tires are what keeps your car gripping to the road. You should maintain the right tire pressure by stopping routinely at gas stations to pump a little extra air into them, which increases your fuel economy and ensures you’re operating at peak safety while going around bends.

If you experience a flat, make sure you’ve got a spare tire to fit, and get your car to the garage as soon as possible to replace it.

Driving Style

As well as the physical parts of your car that you should always be paying keen attention to, you should likewise be attempting to drive in a style that preserves your vehicle’s mechanical and electrical systems for as long as possible. How is this achieved? Well, generally you should attempt to drive with few revs, changing gear smoothly, and cornering in a smooth motion to balance the weight of your car as you move. Find out more about safe driving styles by doing some research online.

The Routine Check 

This is not something that you want to forget about. It’s also an incredibly quick process that you’ll not have to do more than once a week. It’s recommended that you make the routine check before any long journey.

  • Check your oil levels with the dip stick and refill as required with the correct oil type.
  • Check your brake lights and front lights to ensure youre visible to other drivers.
  • Check your handbrake and brakes in order to stop and stay safely.
  • Check your water levels and windscreen washer fluids, also under the lip of your car.


A final point on car security – you should do your utmost to ensure that your vehicle is safe when you leave it parked. You might choose to buy a steering wheel lock for added security, or otherwise ensure you’re parking in a safe and well-lit street.

How to Throw an Awesome Tailgate Party

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With football season just around the corner, football fans across the nation are looking for ways to make the games special. A popular way to start the occasion is hosting a tailgate party. For some, the buildup is so special that there’s no need to witness the game itself. Whether you’re planning on attending the next home game or traveling further afield for the best in football, gathering your friends for some delicious food, cold drinks, and lowered tailgates is an awesome way to spend the day.  If you want to make, your party guests forget they’ve bought tickets and stick around for your celebration, here are some tips you can try.

Plenty of Delicious Food and Tasty Beverages

There are many different plates of food you can serve up for your tailgate party. Why not let the guys do their thing and have everything on hand for a barbeque?

For the dedicated football fan the game is the most important part of the day but gathering together with good friends and family to enjoy delicious food can also play a big part.

Staples of any successful tailgate party are:

  • Burgers
  • Chicken
  • Sausages
  • Veggie options
  • Corn Dip
  • A selection of drinks and smaller snacks

Tailgate Party Games

Keep a healthy level of competition going with plenty of tailgate games. Even those who don’t want to participate in bocce ball, beer pong or cornhole can have a laugh watching everyone else. Why not include party favors for the winners, such as whistles, lanyards and football caps? The best way to impress your partygoers is to do something different.

Pump up the Crowd with an Awesome Playlist

It really depends on the type of audience you want to draw but picking some awesome tunes will soon get the party rocking. There are some classic game day songs you’ll need to include, some fight songs, chants, and pumping DJ tracks. If the sound system in your truck isn’t up to such an occasion, hire something for the day.

Watch the Game on a HD Video Display

Some of your party attendees won’t have bought their tickets in advance. Make sure you do by visiting a site such as so that you don’t miss a thing and can throw the perfect party for afterward. For those who may have missed the game, record it and allow your guests to watch the game in the best quality.

Creativity is the name of the game when it comes to planning an awesome tailgate party. From the party invitations, through to the food and how you watch the game, everything combines to make the event a memorable one. Set the benchmark when it comes to tailgate parties and you’ll have no end of willing people to come along and join in the fun. You don’t have to head to the stadium either. Why not invite the neighbors round and have a tailgate party in the backyard?