Common Mistakes to Avoid if You Are Locked Out of Your Car

No matter how careful you are, there might come a time when you find yourself in a situation that you don’t expect, including being locked out of your car. You might forget the key inside the vehicle or even misplace it while you’re outside. Either way, it’s something that you don’t want to experience. However, if you ever find yourself in this situation, there are mistakes that most car owners make that you need to avoid. Here are some of them.

Going into panic mode

Many vehicle owners who find themselves locked out of their cars often immediately go into panic mode. Although you might feel stressed out when put in a similar situation, which is normal, get a hold of yourself. Try to relax and focus on the solution. Panicking will only cloud your judgement, leaving you unable to think clearly. Instead, breathe in and out, then plan for your next step.

Not looking for your key

Unless you see that you left your car key inside the vehicle, look for it in your bag or pocket. You might have just missed seeing it, but if you look carefully, it could be there, and your problem is solved. Trace back the places you visited, and think about where you could have possibly left your key. For example, if you went to your office, go back to check your desk and the places you’ve been like the comfort room or canteen. You may also ask around the workplace as someone may have found your key. 

Trying to pick the car door

Picking the car door may have worked in old cars back in the days. However, it may no longer work with newer cars, unless you have the tools and are a professional in unlocking car locks. If done incorrectly, it may damage your vehicle, which you don’t want to happen. This is true especially if you drive a BMW. Instead, call a professional locksmith to unlock your car without causing any damage. These locksmiths provide mobile service so they can get to you and open your car door on the spot. If you lost your car key and you don’t have any duplicate, they are also car key replacement BMW specialists so they can create a new one for you even without the original copy. 

Breaking the car window

You may not believe it but some owners break the window of their car in a desperate attempt to get in if they left the key inside. It’s a mistake you should not make because breaking your car window does not fall under the coverage of your car insurance. The cost of the repair will come out of your own pocket. Besides the added expenses, driving home with a broken car window will also be uncomfortable, especially with harsh weather. 

Leaving your vehicle

It may not be a good idea to leave your car, particularly if there were already people who saw you trying to unlock your car door, and it was obvious that you couldn’t. There might be suspicious individuals around waiting for their chance to break into your car. 

Always ensure that you keep your car key safe. Nevertheless, if you ever find yourself locked out of your car, remember to stay calm. Look for your key, and if you really can’t find it, contact a professional locksmith to do the unlocking for you.

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