We hate to admit it..

..but joining Facebook is something we probably should have done sooner. It gives us the opportunity to offer you our whole automotive brain dump without necessarily having to curate as discriminately or painstakingly as we do for this site, which can sometimes result in, well, a slowdown in posts. If the site is the finished product, then the Facebook page is the sketch pad.

So if you find the volume of content or the amount of dialogue here to be a little lacking or stingy for your taste, tune in over at facebook.com/motoringconbrio, where the posts flow like milk and honey— it’s more of what you see here, but unfiltered. And no need to become a member just to read, either (we know, we hate Facebook, too). The page isn’t blocked off to members only, so the content is world-readable. And if the spirit moves you, join the conversation— there or here, it doesn’t matter. Either way, we’d love to hear from you!

~ by velofinds on August 16, 2013.

4 Responses to “We hate to admit it..”

  1. Too many eggs in too many baskets? I would prefer the content all in one place like this, over some corporate portal (notably personal content which I am happy to be seen here, not where someone else owns it).

    Still, I think more old people reading would be good. Good luck! Neko.

  2. I’ve seen this situation on a couple other sites, and I hope it doesn’t happen here. They join Facecrack and start, as you’re doing, posting more “unrefined” content there. Pretty soon, they start realizing that the “unrefined” content takes less time to do, and they are getting more feedback (in the form of “likes”) on Facecrack, so they slowly begin shifting everything there, leaving the once-loved blog to die.

    Don’t let that be you. ’cause I’m not going over to Facecrack to read your posts; Facecrack doesn’t publish RSS feeds, and I don’t remember to go to sites without RSS feeds (there are simply too many out there worth reading).

    Plus, you get into a situation where you’re duplicating posts between the two, and it gets tedious to see the same info over and over.

  3. If you don’t think some particular content is worth publishing here, you’re probably right.

    I’ll never visit facebook. Among other reasons, I can’t access it at work.

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