Joining the dark side

That’s right, we speak of the Face Book, which we generally can’t stand, yet have nevertheless now joined. After establishing presences on both Flickr groups and Google groups, it seemed silly to continue holding the biggest online evil juggernaut this side of Google at arm’s length solely on account of our personal revulsion. So we have succumbed. Above all else, it is for you, dear reader, as you all are on it, and this seemed like the easiest way to share cool stuff outside of this website. After all, Motoring Con Brio – which we’ve always treated more as a collective than as a personal blog – couldn’t exist without its numerous contributors, and what better way to encourage such contributions than through the single platform that just about every man, woman, and child (besides us, apparently) uses? will continue to serve as the centerpiece of the MCB “universe”, if you will— we don’t want to spend yet more time grooming the Facebook page when we already have our hands full doing that with the website. But this will be yet another way for you all to connect with us, and just as importantly, also with one another. And not to worry: for as long as this website exists, we will never, ever exort you to “Like” anything we put out. Ever.

With that out of the way, enjoy, and let the Facebooking begin!

– Motoring Con Brio

~ by velofinds on March 20, 2013.

14 Responses to “Joining the dark side”

  1. Proud of you for the leap. It is exhausting to think of my blog being ‘hooked up’ to so many links, but in the long run I think it will all work out. I, for one,support your Facebook decision.

  2. I did have to laugh at the dark side thing, I was advised to do the FB route too. To be fair I get a few links from it. I set my page up as a business page so I cant do the “friend” part of it. My blog just auto populates the page and I don’t do a great deal on it other than that. May the Force be with you, lol.
    I agree with Debbie 100%, it cant hurt to be on it. I wish you luck.

  3. Ah ha…that would explain why I couldn’t find MCB on FB when I looked recently. Welcome to the dark side…

  4. I’m surprised you haven’t gone the Twitter route (you have an inactive account, I think?) – there’s a lot of motoring enthusiasm, and I get quite regular retweets on your Grab Bags (tweeted most Mondays) and other random posts.

    I fall into the hypocritical category of not liking Facebook but using it for my non-motoring blog. Whoring myself. At the end of the day FB is a good way of increasing your audience.

    • The next frontier? Who knows. Was trying hard not to get sucked into these things 😉

      Thanks for tweeting!

      • No worries on the tweets – get regular hits from your blog, least I can do… keep doing what doing, looks like you have a great following already.

  5. Face Book? Isn’t that like, you know, Instagram for adults?

    (No thanks! Evil is right, so not for this little black cat. More than happy here!)


  6. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  7. Power to you if it helps you reach a larger audience, but I like it here just fine.

    I prefer my evil to be less centralized and greedy than Mr. Zuckerguy’s brainchild.

  8. What is This “Facebook” ye speak of?

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