What new-ish cars are you waiting for to depreciate?

We’re big fans of used cars here. Only problem is, if there is a new car that you covet now (though thankfully for us there aren’t many), it could take years – decades, even – before its value has plummeted far enough for you to snap it up. So on that note, what new-ish cars are you patiently waiting for to depreciate?

For us, one would have to be the Audi RS4 (B7) that was produced from 2006 to 2008 — a car that looks, sounds, and goes nearly as great today as when it first launched. Though plenty of cars vie for our attention (and our hypothetical dollars) all the time, the RS4 has somehow managed to hang on to a place at that ever-crowded table. We think it’d make a heck of a nice winter car someday 😀 And we love winter driving, so that’s not intended to be a backhanded compliment, either. This car on a set of Nokian Hakkapeliittas should make it fairly unstoppable in the snow or in an ice race around a frozen lake.

Our only lament (you know the one) is that we here in the US didn’t get the Avant, meaning we’ll need to settle for the sedan. Boo hoo.

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  1. The RS4 is a great choice. Personally, among those models available stateside, I’d also target the E90 M3, although the S5 is pretty damn sexy and fast and quattro. If given the opportunity, I think I could live with an E63 wagon too.

  2. Nailed it.

  3. Check Chris Harris’ tube vid on the software modded S4. Vs the RS4. Bit of a sleeper 🙂

  4. I have a 2007 RS4 and honestly I can not think of a car to replace it. I have owned more capable cars than I can recall and every one of them Im thinking of the next. The only replacement for this RS4 is another one at this point.

  5. I’d like to pick up a bogo Nissan GT-R, but current residual values make me think prices my never fall to mere mortal levels. It’s the Ford GT all over again.

  6. Audi RS4 is a great pick. Also waiting on the E92 M3 to come down some plus the 997 Carrera S. Would also like to see a six speed manual E60 M5 come down a bit but that’s probably a pipe dream.

    Wouldn’t turn down a used AM V8 or a depreciated Jag F-Type in a few years either!

  7. I would love to get a TT-RS in 10 years. Though Audis out of warranty scare me. With Twins on the way though, I’ll be perfectly happy with a used Miata!

  8. I agree on the RS4 and TT RS whole-heartedly. We’ll get even hotter cars from these companies, but like the current RS5 they’ll be soulless shift-paddle automatics. These cars will find enthusiast homes for ages to come.

    I’d be thrilled with either. 🙂

    You ought not be scared by an old Audi unless it is from the early 2000s. Certain models were always problems (allroad, first-gen A3, anything with a 2.7T). I’m speaking as a guy who drives an 18-year old Audi every day.

  9. I cant think of many newish cars that id like to own one day. I seem to be stuck in the 70’s-80’s and 90’s right now. So many good cars out there. My wife would like me to get something newer, Ill just put it that way. If I had to choose something newer, id have to be a cool dad mobile. An E90 M3 would be nice, E60 M5, but Id really like to go with the E39 M5 before I ever touched the E60. Pontiac G8 GXP, the new Chevy SS sedan would be neat I guess, why only automatic Chevy?? Why?!!?!?!

  10. My short list:

    Volvo C30 Polestar. While it lacks the AWD that I’d really love to have in avery car from here on out, the added boost and that COLOR, not to mention the tasteful reinterpretation of the old 1800ES body lines. (I’m counting on myself being in the vast minority on this and hoping that that will accelerate the depreciation)

    ANY Audi 5 model (provided it was a quattro). I’ve never been one to covet a car based on its shape except for three cases. The A5/S5/RS5, the old audi coupe quattro/90 coupe, and the Alfa Giulia Sprint.

    The 335xi Touring. Sleeper, AWD, wagon utility, twin turbos, and it’s just beautiful! I’m not a BMW fan, mostly because there are not a lot of options for people who live in the mountains. This one fits the bill.

    Slotting in just below these, the new TT-RS as other have said, and the Allroad both pluck my heartstrings.

    If I have a family kicked off by then, I’d strongly consider the Audi Q7 or S7. Both are attractive, yet subtle family Q-ships.

    Guh, now I have to get back to reality and earn a paycheck to hopefully make some aspect of this reality.

    • I have to be honest, I didn’t even know the Polestar edition of the C30 was sold here! Good call, as I, too, find the C30 body style to be attractive.

      They definitely didn’t/don’t sell the 335xi Touring here, however 🙂

  11. Not euro…but Mustang Boss 302 would be a good one to wait for the prices to go down. Collectable, a valiant effort by Ford to create a factory backed race car (they do race those!), and will be the last retro styled modern mustang.

  12. I’m still waiting on Ford GT’s to get cheap.

  13. Early (2005-06) federalized Lotus Elise – I’ll pick one up when they get a little closer to 20k. It’s only a matter of time.

    I’m also watching BMW 1 series prices with interest.

    Early e46 323/325 coupes and sedans are about as cheap as they’re going to get right now and I think make a very compelling alternative to the e30. I happen to prefer the pre-facelift front end. Pretty stout little cars, great parts and aftermarket support. The electronics make them a bit more complicated than the old pre-OBD cars, but a reasonably competent shadetree mechanic can do a lot. I’d totally buy one as a track car… they’re more disposable than an e30, where it’s getting harder to find a good one.

  14. E90 M3s are more plentiful and seem to be slightly cheaper than RS4s. Can’t deny the RS4 appeal though. I am watching 996 GT3s pretty regularly. They seem to be staying flat or appreciating though. I’m not holding my breath!

    • been watching the 996 GT3 prices as well…also sort of looking towards a Cayman S for a track toy

  15. Maybe I’m just a pessimist but some of the cars you guys are naming would scare me to death in 10 years. Dealing with E60 M5 engine problems? That S85 is immensely complicated. I’d say buy it now and enjoy BMWs only V10 ever as soon as you can 🙂

    I’m waitin for Cayman S’s to get cheap so I can make a track toy out of one.

  16. Love the RS4 but the B7 is the ugliest (so far) of all the A4-series over the years, and it pains me to say it… 😦

    As you probably know, I’m waiting for the 128i and A5 to inch down in value.

    Would like the Pontiac G8 GXP to come down a bit too, but I really don’t see that happening.

  17. Nobody said anything about the CTS-V? Maybe I should keep my mouth shut.

  18. I’ve never been an Audi guy, and probably never will be. I guess understeer is not my cup tea… Anyway, people already mentioned the e90/92 M3 and I couldn’t agree more. I am also keeping an eye on the wildly underrated Lexus IS-F. I never drove one, but it seems it can really give the contemporary M3 a ride for its money.

  19. Hmmm, the two cars I think of the most are the 997 targa and Boss 302. One day…

  20. Audi Q7, 2010+ Subaru Outback , Subaru BRZ/GT-86, BMW Gran Turismo 6er, 2012+ Subaru Impreza, BMW 128i

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