We got a little snow last week..

..and couldn’t help but dip our toe in the stuff. Who else here finds driving in the snow to be irresistible?

There are better tools for the job, we will be the first to admit.

~ by velofinds on March 12, 2013.

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  1. Get out on the deserted back roads, do a little amateur winter rally driving – awesome! I went to school in upstate NY, did some (very amateur) ice racing, learned the value of car control in low traction situations and having really, really good snow tires. The 23″ we got on Friday was all fun and games…until I had to go home to shovel the driveway. Then it sucked.

  2. I’m right with you. I just love to go out for a drive in the snow.

    This year my best opportunity was a particularly cold Friday when we got 5 or 6 inches of fresh powder at lunchtime. I spent an hour sliding around on a bunch of the side streets and parking lots in an industrial part of town. When the snow is fresh and deep, it’s unbelievable fun.

    Good snow tires do make all of the difference.

  3. I’m a huge fan of snow driving. I’ve got an ’04 Volvo S60 AWD, and though it doesn’t have snow tires, that just makes it a little easier to swing the tail around when it’s messy. I also love putting the AWD to good use – while the rest of my friends park 12″-18″ from the curb, I intentionally park in the nastiest stuff I can find on the street, just so I can use my AWD to power through it when it’s time to leave. I even helped my girlfriend move on a day when we got 10″, just so I could drive in the snow. Such fun – and made all the better by the fact that everyone else seems to want to stay inside.

  4. The only thing wrong with the m3 in snow is you have to press a button to turn off traction. I loved driving my e30 on empty back roads in the middle of nowhere with 6-12″. Amateur rally is right! And with the e30 it’s slow enough that you are really only going about 30 mph tops, while the constant tail slides make it feel like 60-80. I had some old blizzaks on however so I had plenty of grip.

    • Even with the M3’s power, I was still probably only going about 30 mph tops— even wearing Blizzaks, it’s impossible to put the power down! And that’s with ASC off. I am working on locating a more suitable winter vehicle, we shall see. I hope your brother doesn’t hate me too much for taking it out in these conditions— I know he babied the car. But it was too much for me to resist 😉

  5. Nice pics of white car on snow works well.

  6. ever have an issue with having no front plate in NY?

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