Finally, some manifestation of winter

Because cold weather without snow is pretty pointless. And we must say, we love how the old girl looks after a good romp in the stuff 🙂

This car’s ability to incite hooliganism never ceases to amaze. One could be the most straight-laced, law-abiding member of society, and this little motor will easily egg that person into being a hoon. Every empty lot passed is an invitation to let it rip— a bit like leaving one’s mark in wet concrete, albeit without the permanence. No harm, no foul! It’s way too much fun.

~ by velofinds on January 23, 2012.

4 Responses to “Finally, some manifestation of winter”

  1. Nice! its been a weird winter here in ohio, one minute its snowy and then the next its 48*.

  2. No snow in Atlanta but the miata causes the same problem when it rains. I could merge onto the wet road normally…or I could do it sideways. It must be common with small RWD vehicles that don’t have a lot of power.

  3. The third photo is stunning!

    ::spends night on ebay::

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