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Just picked this up to be the yin to our E28‘s yang. And it really is. Compared to the E28 the E36 is refined and a thoroughly modern car (one-touch power windows?!), and we feel fortunate to have both. And in spite of not being our favorite Bimmer design historically (the classic ‘shark nose’ profile of the earlier cars will always be our first love), all in all it’s not too hard on the eyes 😉

Will the E36 displace the E28 as our ride de choix? In a word, no— simply because the latter car continues to provide certain pleasures – visual, mechanical – that the E36 doesn’t. But we think there will be a place – literally as well as emotionally – for both.

Speaking of which, we know it’s been quiet on the E28 front— we hope to have an update on that shortly 🙂

~ by velofinds on October 16, 2012.

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  1. Woo hoo! Can’t wait to see where this one takes us!

  2. Ah, very nice. BMWs look great in white. Like most BMWs, once you get the E36 fully sorted from top to bottom, they are very reliable and incredibly engaging to drive. Very easy to work on, too. I’ve had an immensely positive experience with my ’98 328is.

    Anyway, your first order of business is to replace the entire cooling system if it hasn’t been done recently or you don’t know if it has ever been performed. Welcome to contemporary BMW ownership… Pretty small beans, though.

  3. I remember my Dad’s (lowly 318i) E36 had the most perfectly damped ash-tray lid of any car I’ve ever been in. Lots of black plastic, but that interior was a marvel

  4. Congrats Drew! Grat choice, great color. The 4 door version is pretty rare here in Portugal. I predict lots of sideways action!

  5. Oooh, M3 sedan. Very nice. Perpetually on my “want to own” list, along with the Alfa GTV6.

  6. Not usually a big fan of white, but no question it looks really good here. Excellent choice going with the sedan. MUCH better looking than the coupe, IMHO. Congratulations, Drew! Enjoy.

  7. E36 M3s look lovely in white, particularly without a rear spoiler and with those great forged M double spoke rims. My ’95 E36 coupe was a well-balanced, well-loved part of the family and a great foil to my ’87 535i. I ended up selling both to make way for a ’92 E34 M5, but wish I’d had the space to keep them all. Such different driving and feeling cars, highlighting the pace of development and changing priorities of BMW over a few short years. A real shame in some respects to see what more recent BMWs have morphed into…

    • Thanks for commenting, M. Couldn’t have said it better myself.
      How was the E34 M5 for you?

      • An absolute blast. Finally bought the car of my childhood dreams last summer and have loved every moment of it since. Feels like a locomotive at highway speeds and sounds sublime. Just came back from a weekend of ripping around the Canadian Rockies in her and begin prepping for winter storage in the next few weeks. Love the site and can’t wait to see more on both the E36 and E28!

  8. Congrats guys! She’s a beaut!

  9. it’s looking really great, man. nice photos too.

  10. Glad to have a car I know personally on my favorite car blog. I’m sure my brother can rest at night knowing it went to a good home!

    Look forward to future updates on the m3/4. Still have the delphin e30 right? What became of the style 5’s?

    • Sadly no— the E30 had to leave to make room for other toys, including this one (the Style 5s went along with the car). But it won’t be my last.

      And thanks!

  11. Enjoy the M3/4/5, it was great to me and I anticipate it will be a great car for you as well!


  12. mmm love those in white! Congrats!!

    • As do I. It’s the black trim against the white that really sets it off 🙂
      I’ve seen these cars with the trim painted over in white and it looks just awful.

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