Work in progress

Picked one of these up recently 🙂 She’s definitely a work in progress and very much rough around the edges, so pictures will be kept to a minimum… for now…

Thanks for bearing with us.

~ by velofinds on July 25, 2012.

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  1. Wow. Very nice! I was thinking that you must have something nice waiting in the wings to let the E30 go.

    • Hi Colin,

      Actually, there was a decent gap when I was without either— that wasn’t easy 😉 You could almost say I caved and bought this car just to end the drought— it isn’t quite what I was looking for, but it’ll do for now!


  2. Ah yes! Congrats! You will love it.

  3. There is something nice about grey market e28s. I hope that is a 535, got to love high compression. When are we going to see you on the board?

  4. Yes! You found one! Looking forward to more pics and updates. Just beautiful with mtech striping and alpina wheels.

  5. Rough around the edges we like… Neko.

  6. That’s no 535, it’s an E28 M5 – the car that started it all…

  7. Excellent choice! Congratulations!

  8. Whoaaaaa you found it! More pictures, even if it’s rough!

  9. Sweet. I still have pangs of regret about selling my euro 520i. Would love to see more photos.

  10. Great buy! I myself have been looking into e28s and e12s lately. Can’t wait to see more pics.

  11. I actually picked up a 1990 E34 in incredible condition a few months ago for my wife and I have actually fallen in love with it. The m30 is just such a great work horse engine with loads of torque.

  12. Wonderful pics!

  13. Wicked!

  14. Sweet! Im sure its not as rough as you are making it out to be. Looks really nice in the pics though. Cant wait to see more of it. Congratulations!

  15. Fantastic!

  16. I was sad when you guys sold the E30, but this car is ultra cool.

  17. the 535 is an absolute classic, espcially in plainjane i form as ooposed to the garishly bodykitted m535i. the bmw straight 6 sits on the same pedestal as the fabulous mezger designed porsche flat 6. wunderbar !

    • funny you should say that. i had to ‘settle’ for the standard 535 because i wasn’t able to find a suitable m535i with the beloved-to-me bodykit 😉

      • was the m535 sold in the us ? didn’t you guys get the more subtle 535is instead ? back in blighty we had a choice, similar mechanics, with or without the m-bodykit. both usually with those awful michelin trx metric wheels.tyres.

        • no, the m535i was never sold in the us, but a number of them were imported. i imagine many of them didn’t survive the ravages of time, which makes them scarce today, and good ones even scarcer. this list should give you some idea:

          the metric wheels are indeed awful in terms of practicality and performance, but they make a cool show/display piece.

  18. You guys do know 5erFest is in September, in Columbus OH. correct?

  19. Gorgeous e28. Congrats! Hope to see you at 5erFest @ Mid-Ohio in September. Please sell those Alpina open-lug wheels to me and I’ll make you a deal on a set of nice BBS RKs. 😉

  20. Thank you, Randy and Tim. The car won’t make it to 5erFest this year, but hopefully the following year 🙂

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