Southern delivery

We found the MCB E28 down in the south (not a southern car its entire life, but that’s a story for another day) and flew down to take delivery and bring it back to its new home north of the Mason-Dixon. Our good friend Automobiliac was on hand to co-drive and create this superb film of the trip.

~ by velofinds on July 30, 2012.

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  1. I have many good memories of E28s… I had two. My first one was a tatty ’84 520i (M20B20 with L-Jetronic, 5 speed manual) in Burgundrot metallic with a period correct front air dam, mesh wheels and not much else, sold it after a month to look for something faster.

    The next one was a USDM Bronzitbeige metallic 535iA with rare Lama interior, sport seats and huge ‘park bench’ bumpers, which left the Dingolfing factory in September of 1987. The first owner ticked almost every option box apart from the chrome door handles (an automatic with a factory fitted limited slip diff, imagine that!). To me it seemed like a jewel, but in fact it suffered from lots of neglect throughout its life. Only after the purchase did I discover that it had 8 or 9 (!!!) previous owners. Still, every time I drove it I felt like a 1980s coke dealer cruising around LA on a hot summer afternoon.

    One day, less than a mile from home, a certain Sunday driver cut into my lane, forced me to hit a tall curb and ran from the scene. The chassis was so badly rotten (which wasn’t visible from the outside, every patch of rust had been covered up with filler by the previous owner) that the entire rear subframe moved a few inches upon impact, therefore I made the tough decision to part it out. Man, I loved just cruising around Warsaw in it while listening to Frank Sinatra. I cried when I saw it leave my driveway on a recovery lorry. By that time I’d completely forgotten that its fuel consumption ruined my bank account and that it broke so often I could count the days it ran without incident with my two hands. The only consolation I have is that it donated its parts to keep some other E28s alive.

  2. My high school buddy still owns a champagne 528e that his family bought new. The paint’s a bit dull but he has maintained it religiously, despite it not being his daily driver.

    Congrats to you MTC!

  3. How stoked are you, man? Thing looks awesome, and that dude’s other E28 was also awesome. I’m so glad you found the right Euro’d one and went for it. Reminds me a lot of my trip from TN to CA with my brother after I bought mine. Let’s meet in the middle of the country and rally!

  4. Hope ya’ll enjoyed your visit to N.C.

  5. great video but there’s something funky going on with the sound.
    a fluttery, clicky clack.

  6. The clicking is part of the music. 🙂

  7. :O :O :O

  8. Great film. Reminds me of bits of Lost in Translation. And it makes me miss my E24. 😦

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