Our favorite cars of 2011

Of all the cars we posted in 2011, these are our favorites (filtering out examples that aren’t realistically attainable— your 458 Italias and BMW M1s and the like). Recall any that we missed? Drop us a line or a link in the comments.

Here they are, then, in no particular order.

The color makes all the difference.

See last year’s favorites here.

~ by velofinds on December 28, 2011.

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  1. Nice selection… the irish green 911 is my car! In case you were wondering, you have 2 shots of it: one with the steelies & racing roundels & one with the fuchs alloys… both shots take by the PO. cheers, Mark

  2. Love the last two. Clean, tastefully modded, and attainable.

  3. you forgot that one
    Choose your weapon


    • you know, i had seen that shot before but didn’t care much for the flares! this is a personal preference— for example, nor do i love the widebody GTAm giulia coupes.

  4. ….I might add that I have a soft spot for that Peugeot 205gti, as I had one of those about 15 years ago also! Funnest car I ever owned, bar none!! I traded it in on a MY99 WRX & regretted it from day one. Now that was the most OVERRATED car in standard spec… IMHO… 😉

  5. The 505 wins…on account of rarity. (Modifying one is incredibly difficult)

  6. I need to know what color is on that (997?) with the bonnet up. The off white/beige’ish color. My wife would love that on her cabby!

  7. I have to agree with your choices;)

    Slowly trying to get the wife into thinking the Old merc wagons are Practical…

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