Our favorite cars of 2010

Of course there would be an end-of-year retrospective. We’ve posted so many nice cars on here in the past year that how could there not be? Of the ones we can remember, these are our favorite realistically attainable drivers of 2010— ‘real’ cars, if you will, as opposed to race cars, or concept cars, or cars that might fall into categories like ‘super rare’ or ‘super expensive’. We would be proud to call any of them our own and would trip over ourselves to make room for them in the garage.

So here they are, in no particular order. And if you’ve been reading us awhile, there shouldn’t be any real surprises. We hope we didn’t inadvertently leave out too many deserving examples.


A rare appearance by a vehicle that’s both a) currently in production, and b) unmodified. But we love the least expensive Se7en too much to keep off of this list.

Okay, these are long shots (some more than others), whether due to cost, rarity, or lack of availability Stateside. But we still love them:

What about all of you? Of all the stuff we posted over the course of the year, let us know what most “did” it for you and immediately set you off on a desire-fueled Craigslist or eBay search.

(We’re also taking off for a few days. Have a good one!)

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9 Responses to “Our favorite cars of 2010”

  1. 🙂 Glad one of my photos made it in there 🙂 Good selection as always!! That black Cosworth is my favorite of the bunch

  2. hot stuff. some of which very familiar, some of which not so much. i’ll take the quattro coupe, a bunch of the 911s, and the blue E12 sedan please!

  3. The white Carrera 2 with black wheels. Beautiful

  4. Yo santa! Black Milano/75 please. 🙂

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all!

  5. In the absence of a MKV GTI my vote goes to the red ‘Rado.

  6. Any info on that green/white roll bar BMW 2002? It passed me on the track once. That thing is fast!

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