Holy smokes

Amaury and co. over at the Asphalt Heritage Club once again produce the equivalent of photographic gold! We want to know if Amaury pulled the equivalent of a Robert Johnson for his way around a lens— he’s just that good.

Oh, and these shots come from the 2011 Tour Auto (where the Club was, according to Amaury, “not ‘concurrents’ but ‘press affiliated’, [which meant] the same roadbook as the true drivers but with more liberties”), but that bit of minutia seems to be of secondary (or tertiary, or quaternary) importance in the face of these characteristically stunning shots. One could make the (wrong-headed) argument that getting keepers at the Tour Auto is like shooting fish in a barrel, but that’s simply not true. An enormous amount of thought about light and composition (the two most important things about good photography, in that order) has been put into the making of these images, however effortless the photographer makes it look.

The Asphalt New Class and Bertone. How sweet it is.

This was part one (“Paris / Objat”). Part two is tomorrow.

Edit: it’s here.

~ by velofinds on April 27, 2011.

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  1. huge gallery!!
    thanks as always…

  2. no doubt.

  3. No words.

  4. … and coming around on the outside, the GT-40 locks it up under late braking…

    Spectacular work.

  5. Awesomity personified.

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