Part two (“Bordeaux / Biarritz”) of the 2011 Tour Auto as captured by lensman Amaury Laparra

Getting right to it.

Imagine looking in your rear-view mirror to find this. Insane!

Just another day at the pump.

Full downloadable sets can be found over at Asphalt— hi-res, too. What are you waiting for?

~ by velofinds on April 28, 2011.

8 Responses to “Part two (“Bordeaux / Biarritz”) of the 2011 Tour Auto as captured by lensman Amaury Laparra”

  1. Oh lord!

    You’ve truly outdone yourselves!

  2. I love that the yellow A110 makes that 2002 (an already compact car) look like an SUV!

  3. If such awesomeness exists in my lifetime, then I am living in the wrong place.

  4. Please enjoy these pictures as the Tour went past my house the afternoon of the Pau overnight stop.
    (I’m not as talented as this guy, sorry)

    Note also that the 8th picture from the top, with the 2 Jaguars, was shot on the streets of the city of Pau (my hometown), it’s the hair pin of the Grand Prix de Pau racetrack.

  5. this cool has left me speechless…

  6. I cant even wrap my head around the awesomeness that is in front of me here as I sit here at work. The locations…the cars…I couldnt even imagine how cool it would be to be involved in such a road trip.

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