Your [reasonably priced] dream garage

Okay, so we don’t have a cool half mil to play with. Heck, we don’t even have a tenth of that. But let’s say we did— still plenty generous (by most yardsticks), and not altogether outside the realm of possibility. What would you have?

For us there is one constant: we must have an aircooled 911 (and longtime readers of this blog will likely already have figured that one out). A 964 (like Carby’s stunning example above) probably strikes the most realistic balance of looks and budget, although an ’80s Carrera might net us a nicer overall example (if only we can get past those big regulation-compliant bumpers). And with perhaps the exception of basketcase or very high-mile examples, 993s and those pretty long nose early 911s (while arguably more desirable) are probably just a tad beyond reach if we wanted to budget for a second car.

Which leads us to its hypothetical stablemate, a role that could be ably filled by a revolving door of disparate – if almost all equally tantalizing – candidates. A step nose Alfa GTV, likely the most charismatic choice. A Lotus Elise— the most trackable straight out of the box and, incidentals like tires and brake pads notwithstanding, the one probably needing the least. An E30 M3— pretty self-explanatory (but in case it isn’t..). Even another Porker, though this time in the form of a front-engined 944 S2, 951, or 968— cars that have a reputation for being beautifully balanced drivers.

So that’s our short list. What’s on yours? Pick a car, or two (or even three), and hit us up in the comments. Just keep it south of $50,000, in aggregate.

And of course, if you are lucky enough to have already assembed your [reasonably priced] dream garage (or you have commenced acquisition of pieces thereof), let us know about that, too.

~ by velofinds on October 20, 2010.

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  1. E30 M3
    B5 S4 Avant
    FJ62 Toyota LandCruiser diesel

    Should come in a bit under $50k even!
    Honorable Mentions: 2004 R32, that white 964, or an STI’d Impreza Wagon.

  2. My mind changes more frequently than the wind, but…

    BMW E34 M5
    Mercedes-Benz 230-250SL (60’s) convertible

    The way the Australian used car market is, those two would kill my budget pretty quickly.

  3. e28 M5 –

    Fiat Strada 130TC –

    Range Rover CSK (Classic) –

  4. Mazda 323 GTX
    BMW 525i Touring (e34)
    Alfa Romeo GTV 6

  5. Lotus Super 7!

  6. NA Miata for autocross
    NB Miata for DD
    NC Miata for the track
    Oh, and a W123 TD wagon to haul all the parts.


    • you are too much of an ascetic, bayram. no golf rallye? no p-car?!

      • Ok, ok, let’s replace the NB with a S2K 😀

        And the W123 with a MkVI GTI…under warranty!

        To be honest, I’ve never been terribly excited by the Rallye. I know it was a significant milestone for VW, and was probably quite impressive for the time. But looking back at it, I don’t really get weak in the knees when I think about it. An Integrale HF, on the other hand…

        I’ve always wanted to own a Porsche one day, an aircooled 911, to be more specific. But the more I think about it, the more I’m attracted to cheap, simple (but fun) cars like the Miata. They’re cheap to buy and cheap to run. The consumables like tires and brakes are also cheap, in comparison. When I think about what a Porsche would cost to track (or any car with >15″ wheels for that matter), it doesn’t excite me quite the same way. I’m sure I need to experience one, but still…

  7. Hmmmm…

    I think you know my one car I would love to have for around $50k would be to build an E39 M5 touring. After looking at cardomain today, the R34 front conversion Stagea touring would be a must. As far as cars that you don’t have to build or import, E30 M3 or E34 M5 would be up there. As well as say a mid 70’s 911 SC or an 80’s 911 turbo. Such a tough decision.

  8. I figure that in about 10 years I’ll be able to afford an Aston DB9 or even DBS. They currently sell for 70k and 190k respectively. They depreciate pretty fast..a Vanquish can be had for less than 100k now. It’s only about 7-8 years old.

  9. 240z

    It’s a numbers game

  10. I don’t know, this is a tricky tricky situation. Any dream garage of mine would be hard pressed to come in as reasonably priced. Aston Martin don’t make anything reasonably priced, do they?

  11. 2002, pre 74
    MGBGT with a V8
    That should leave enough left over for…
    …a clapped-out 356.

  12. 1960s M-B 280SEL sedan (W108)
    BMW 325i coupe (E46 or E36)
    and a tracked out SVT contour. just to be different.

  13. My favorite exercise!

    BMW 325i / MB 190E 2.6
    Westfield XI
    Porsche 964

    Might be close to the budget maximum- depends on how cheaply I could build the XI.

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