Evo drives the Porsche 959 and Ferrari 288 GTO

Not the greatest video, but these are always fun, by sheer virtue of how rare and unattainable the cars are.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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6 Responses to “Evo drives the Porsche 959 and Ferrari 288 GTO”

  1. Ah but what would you guys choose if you had $500k to $750k sitting around in a car slush fund? My vote is for the 959 – I remember posters of it as a kid and I grew up loving 911’s so it’s a natural progression. I also love that the 959 was so advanced it laid the ground work for future 911’s for almost two decades – I wonder if the Veyron is after the same sort of technical prowess for the VW Group.

  2. since we’re already dealing in pure fantasy, my answer would be neither! for the price of one of these, i think i’d derive exponentially greater satisfaction spending that same amount to source anywhere from two to seven cars that may not be as expensive and rare, but are ultimately still plenty nice. a half million dollar car is very abstract to me, but a car that’s one-fifth that amount is not, even if the latter is also not likely to happen in this lifetime.

  3. you guys are always full of curve balls! I see both sides I guess. If I had a 959(assuming I was legally able to even drive it) I would probably carry around velvet ropes to place around it when I parked.

    a 997 911? I probably would drive it much harder and use it regularly.

  4. I’ll pick the 288GTO in a second!. Ever since I was a kid and was given a scalemodel of it, I like that car. To me it is the best looking Ferrari ever. It simply got it all: pop-up headlights, an agressive looking front with the foglights, a sleek design when looking at it fron the side. And offcourse it’s got a ultimate sleeper look. Because everybody knows the 308 and this is just like it’s evil twin.

  5. i would have never thought to say the gto looks like a sleeper. to whom, exactly? 😉

  6. Well let’s be honest, in today’s traffic the 308 Ferrari, isn’t realy fast anymore. And most people will see an old Ferrari.

    To the untrained eye (e.g. non-car-geek) a 288GTO will look practically the same. And no-one will exprect it to be so very fast as it is.

    And it’s just me ofcourse: I like cars which are only to be well known amongst car enthusiasts, not to the masses. A different version of sleeper-ness 😉

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