Porsche 959

John Glynn and James Lipman are back, this time doing an Edmunds piece on the stunning, timeless Porsche 959.

Interesting tidbit:

Billionaire Bill Gates was one of the first Americans to put up his hand for a Porsche 959, so news that the car would not be allowed in the USA did not go down well in the Microsoft camp. Nevertheless, Bill and his associate Paul Allen shipped their cars to the West Coast, where their contraband was soon impounded and reportedly confined to a California warehouse for more than 10 years.

Anyone imagining this machine as overweight and out of date had better think again. The exuberant supercar revels in a run among the redwoods. It charges through the gears like a drag bike, then brakes and corners with such heroic poise that it’s hard to believe the speedometer needle.


Via Edmunds Inside Line

~ by velofinds on April 19, 2010.