Two random rides

Random but very, very hot— in this case, quite possibly the hottest early Saab and four-door 510 we have ever seen, respectively. Everything about the Saab is inspired. From the black Minilite-style mag wheels, to the Dunlop Direzzas, to the rally-style mud flaps, we love it all. As for the Dime, we’d make a couple of changes to tidy up the overall appearance, but what we see is still very, very good.

Via Speedhunters’ Readers Rides series, which we enjoyed very much (and from which we’ve drawn inspiration before, as it turns out).

~ by velofinds on September 21, 2010.

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  1. I think that’s just a 1974 or 75 99EMS with a Turbo style air dam. The “rally style” mudflaps, all 6 of them, are standard on all 99s. Like the wheels and stance, though.

  2. Link shows that it’s a 74EMS, just like the one I had. Mine was orange, tho. Super car; tossable and light. As with all 99s, transmission was weak point. they came with soccerball wheels — hope this guy has added power steering with those lo-pro tires.

  3. now for sale: or if the listing disappears

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