Our jaws just hit the floor

Perfektion. Or would that be perfezione? Either way, yes please, we want them. Both of them.

Bonus points for anyone who can tell us which car has the lower drag coefficient, the slippery German coupé or the taller and [ostensibly] boxier Italian saloon.

(Thanks blufaction for the photograph.)

~ by velofinds on August 31, 2010.

8 Responses to “Our jaws just hit the floor”

  1. Kamm tail on the Guila gets it? Nice both regardless!

  2. Nice indeed!

    My guess would be the Alfa, seeing that it had a very low drag coefficient value for it’s time.

  3. Both look like fun, although the alfa needs a new headlight!
    The 911 was always slippery, so I’d go with that one. The alfas at the recent Silverstone classic were wonderful but the early 2.0 litre 911 looked gorgeous….maybe I should post a few of the images?

  4. I had your blog in mind when I posted this. Thought this would be your cup of tea.

  5. I recall the Alfa as having a .34 coefficient…I used to own a 67 Giulia Super…I have a 69 911S and I think it is around .36

  6. Great site and photography! Please keep me updated.

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