How to avoid a car accident

No one wants to be involved in a car accident. Not only could you be seriously injured (here’s a good lawyer if you’ve had a car accident in Phoenix) but you could also have to get a new car, take time off work and you might experience post-traumatic stress disorder. Whilst some car accidents aren’t completely avoidable, there are certain ways you can try to avoid a car accident. So, what are they?

Car checks

Thousands of car accidents occur every year because of faulty cars, with the most common issues being with tyres and brakes. Whilst it’s important to buy a car you like, it’s equally important to ensure your car is in good working order. This means getting an MOT every year and regularly checking your vehicle for any possible damage. You should also consider replacing your car when the time comes for regular repairs. This will reduce the likelihood of an accident.

Avoid bad weather

Driving in bad weather can be an easy way for accidents to happen. Mist and fog can cloud a driver’s vision and slow their reactions, whereas bright sunlight can create a glare on the road that prevents drivers from being able to see properly. The most serious weather condition to drive in, however, is when it’s extremely cold and there’s ice and snow on the roads. Driving when there’s black ice on the road can be extremely dangerous, as drivers can’t see the ice. The car can skid easily and brakes may become ineffective. Whilst it’s difficult to avoid driving when the sun is shining or there’s a bit of fog, you should seriously consider avoiding the roads when the temperatures plummet. It’s not worth the risk.

Stay awake

Accidents commonly happen when drivers are sleepy and aren’t able to concentrate on the road. This normally happens when you’re doing a long drive. Drowsy driving can be difficult to combat, but the key is to take plenty of breaks – overnight, if necessary – and share the driving with someone else. You can also help yourself to stay awake by drinking caffeinated drinks, listening to the radio, chatting with a passenger and having the window down to stop the car feeling too cosy. You may also need to gain some self awareness so you can spot when you’re starting to feel drowsy at the wheel.

No distractions

Whilst you might need something else to focus on when you’re driving, it’s important not to be distracted from the road. One of the most common distractions is talking on a mobile phone – which isn’t allowed (nor is texting or looking at social media). You should also avoid fiddling with a sat-nav or radio too frequently, as this occupies your hands and takes your focus off the road. Additional distractions include other passengers, food and drink, smoking, events outside the vehicle or your own thoughts. Being distracted by any of these things can lead to reckless driving and you could be captured by a speed camera and charged, alongside getting points on your licence. Avoid distractions to reduce your risk of a car accident.

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