How to make sure you do not get erroneously blamed for causing an accident

On average, every year, in the US there are around 6 million vehicle accidents. During those incidents, about 3 million people end up sustaining an injury. Of those, two thirds will end up with injuries that continue to have a long-term negative impact on their lives.

Having an accident is a serious event and not something that should be taken lightly. Even if you are not at fault, there is still a risk that someone will try to put the blame on you. While the person who is responsible gets away with it. So, if you do have an accident, follow the advice below to reduce the risk of finding yourself in this situation.

Hire a good car accident lawyer

Our first tip is to hire an experienced car accident lawyer like this one. He has been specializing in dealing with road traffic accidents for more than four decades. During which time he has built up a deep understanding of how the various processes work and what can go wrong. That includes the guilty party trying to shift the blame.

An experienced car accident lawyer will quickly recognize the fact that this is happening. More importantly, they know what steps to take to make sure that the person trying to shift the blame does not succeed in doing so. They will work to protect your interests.

Be mindful at what you say at the scene of the accident

But, you have to play your part. For example, by watching what you say at the scene and not admitting guilt.

Make a note of what happened as quickly as possible

As soon after the accident, as it is practical to do so, note down what you remember. Doing this while things are still fresh in your mind will help you to recall little details that may prove helpful further down the line.

Make a note of everybody’s contact details

At the scene, make sure you collect the correct details from the other people who are involved in the accident. Do the same for the witnesses. This article explains the best way to secure those details. In particular, how to get the information you need from people who are initially reticent about giving them to you.

Take plenty of photos

Taking photos and video before the vehicles have been moved can be very helpful when it comes to proving who was at fault. Just make sure that you only take them if it is safe to do so. Take distance shots that capture as much of the scene and surrounding traffic system as possible. Photograph the damage done to all vehicles and property. To be sure you get everything take several shots of each area of the scene you want to record. Also, consider going back the next day to photograph things like potholes and poor signage that may have contributed to the accident.

Call the police

In many states, you have to call the police to the scene of a traffic accident. If that is the law where you live, make sure that you are aware and comply. Even if you are not legally bound to do so, it might still be in your interests to call them. This is because the police will compile a report which will likely contain evidence you can use to prove your innocence.

Lastly, make sure that you listen to the lawyer you have hired. They really do know best. So, even if something they ask you to do does not make sense, make sure you still get it done.

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