A Complete List of Cool Truck Stuff and Accessories to Buy

Having a truck can be great for many different reasons. Check out this list of cool truck stuff and accessories to go along with your car.

From the year 2016 to 2017, pickup trucks saw an astounding 5% growth in sales. That trend is continuing to permeate into current years and a big reason why is because Americans love just love their trucks, don’t they?

There’s something about getting behind the wheel of a truck that just makes you feel a special kind of free.

If you’ve got a new truck that you want to trick out or have an existing one that you’d like to breathe new life into, the cool truck stuff that we’re about to recommend that you buy will fulfill all of your wants wonderfully!

1. Tri-fold Soft Cover

Our first cool truck stuff accessory is an item that the vast majority of pickup truck owners make as their first purchase. A high-quality tri-fold truck bed cover.

Tri-fold covers enable you to roll down a soft yet impermeable cover that can protect your truck bed’s cargo from rain, snow, and theft.

They’re cheap, easy to install and will make your truck a lot more versatile.

2. A Truck Bed Step

A lot of the truck owners on our team aren’t spring chickens anymore. Consequently, it’s getting harder and harder for them to step into their truck beds.

To remedy that problem, some savvy accessory makers invented the truck bed step and saved us old folks from blowing out our knees.

In all seriousness, young or old, truck bed steps allow you to easily get in and out of your bed which boosts productivity and reduces injury potential.

3. Quality Floor Liners

Your pickup truck’s floor rugs are going to get absolutely decimated after a few off-road trips. And you know what? Those lame floor liners that your truck came with aren’t going to do anything about that.

That’s why you have to step up your game by buying quality, aftermarket floor liners.

Aftermarket liners are one of the most common cool truck stuff suggestions that you see on Toyota Tacoma accessories lists, Ford truck lists and a number of other listicles online.

If you care about your truck’s resale value, you’re going to want to make this accessory a priority.

4. A Bed Mat

Speaking of resale value, buying a bed mat is another sound investment.

As you load things in and out of your truck bed over the years, it’s going to get pretty beat up. With a good bed mat that’s easy to wash down, you’ll save your truck some scars and save yourself some money when it comes time to trade up.

5. TruckBed Locking Toolbox

If you use your truck for work, you’re going to want to buy a locking toolbox that you can bolt into your bed. You see these just about everywhere and the reason why you do is because they’re so dang practical.

Our Final Thoughts on Cool Truck Stuff That You Should Buy

Pickup trucks are pretty cool. Pick up trucks that are accessorized with cool truck stuff are even cooler.

If you want to take your truck game to the next level, don’t wait and start buying some of the product suggestions that we just hit you with.

Looking for more truck inspiration? We’ve got everything that you’re looking for right here on our blog so keep reading and keep getting awesome ideas!

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