High Pressure Problems: Common Hydraulic Hose Failures

No matter the application, when using high pressure, hydraulic hose failures are more common than not. Learn the root causes for troubleshooting.

Safety is paramount when it comes to using hydraulic systems. Prevention is better than cure. You can prevent your hydraulic systems from causing damage or injuries through proper maintenance and repairs.

The hydraulic systems come in many types of machines. From hydraulic cylinders to hydraulic pumps, there is a variety of hydraulic equipment. Each hydraulic system performs different functions and requires a particular kind of attention.

The hydraulic equipment may have setbacks such as leaks, contamination, and pressure and temperature variations. Let’s focus on the common causes of hydraulic hose failures and the necessary maintenance and repair practices to ensure safety and durability.

The Hose Is Blown Off Due to Improper Fitting

The hose gets blown off due to not being fitted properly. The hydraulic hose should be fitted properly with the shells tightly attached to the hydraulic hose. The hose getting blown off can be frustrating especially when using the hose.

Ensure that the hose assembly is well done. Replace the hose assembly and ensure that you get the right recommendations from the manufacturer.

Hose Leakage

Leakage can be brought about by cutting of the tubes or piercing the tubes when assembling the hose. The leak is also caused by lack of proper lubrication making the tubing to be worn out.

Ensure that there aren’t any contaminants that can cause damage to the tubes. Furthermore, you should be very careful when assembling the hose to avoid cutting the tubes. Also, ensure that you replace any leaking hose assembly.

Hose Burst

The hydraulic hose may burst due to friction from external objects. Any rough objects rubbing on the hose may cause the hose to burst, exposing the wires.

In this case, ensure that you replace any torn hoses that may expose the wires and cause corrosion as well. Even so, ensure that you install protective sleeves to guard the hoses. Make sure that the hose is away from external objects or other hoses that may bring about damage.

Maintenance and Repair Practices

Here are some few tips on the maintenance and repair practices for common hydraulic problems.

Hydraulic Hose Maintenance Routine

Plan a schedule to check the hydraulic system regularly. Check for any leaks on the hydraulic hose as well as overheating and pressure irregularities. Check for any issues that may bring about massive future problems.

Having a maintenance routine will aid in preventing your hydraulic machine from breaking down unexpectedly. Furthermore, the maintenance practices ensure that the hydraulic hose is durable and efficient for a long time.

Prevent Contamination

Before the hydraulic hose is assembled after service, ensure that is properly cleaned. If the fluid that runs through the hydraulic hose has any gravel or rough material, it may wear out the delivery tubes.

Contamination of the parts will also hinder the hydraulic system functionality and lead to a failed assembly as well.

Repair Damaged Assemblies

Repairing hydraulic equipment can be expensive. You should be alert for small issues that can lead to huge problems. Learn to identify potential threats.

Are there any cracks or abrasions? Look out for any leaks and twisted tubes that can lead to more hydraulic problems. In the case of a hydraulic cylinder, ensure that you check for any pressure changes.

Check for any cracks that may cause water seepage on the hydraulic pump and cause damage to the wires. Leaving the cables exposed may lead to rusting and other adverse effects.

Find the Best Repair Company

Find the best hydraulic system repair services in the market. You can enter the web and search for hydraulic hose repair near me.

Hydraulic cylinder repair services need to be done to the letter to ensure that your hydraulic systems are well maintained and durable. Find a hydraulic repair company that will also give you a maintenance schedule and appointments.

Wrapping Up

For the safety of the hydraulic machine users, ensure that the hydraulic systems are in tiptop condition. Carry out regular maintenance practices and periodic repairs. When you properly maintain your hydraulic system, you prevent frequent breakdowns.

Fewer breakdowns also mean reduced cost of repairs. Save on the hefty repair costs by conducting regular maintenance. It also increases the lifetime of your hydraulic hose without having to replace quite often.

Even so, find hydraulic system experts to help you maintain the hydraulic hose as well as carrying out the necessary repairs. Do your research and settle for the best hydraulic professionals in the market.

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