Get Those Windows to Vibrate: Common Questions About Car Audio Systems

Thinking about installing or upgrading a stereo system in your vehicle? Get answers to all your top questions about car audio systems.

Estimates are done in the car audio business currently stand at $1.7 billion on wholesale or $2.4 billion inclusive of navigation. For music lovers, it’s an added advantage to have your car bumping your favorite song as you cruise down the street in your Cadillac or Voxy. It’s observed that most of the factory car audio systems don’t provide that quality sound.

In the case that the sound quality isn’t doing justice to your favorite songs, it’s essential to consider acquiring a new stereo. However, before you think of heading to the market to obtain that latest Kenwood stereo, you might want to want to listen to the comments of a few stereo experts.

Here is a list of common questions about car audio systems.

1. Why Is it Important to Get a New Stereo?

For some car owners, the stereo is quite okay if it can produce a clear and audible sound. For others, the music and the features their car stereo has are the motivation for acquiring a new one. Factory stereos are known to be of average quality, and most are limited concerning the features available.

Aftermarket stereos are known to have the best sound-shaping controls and louder and powerful amplifiers. Additionally, the radios come with updated features like the aux cord, USB input, smartphone compatibility, touchscreen controls, and navigation. With aftermarket car sound systems, you get more than just an FM stereo.

2. Which Type Is the Best for Me?

Tech developers and sound lovers have put in the work to make sure you get a variety of car stereos to choose from. The sound systems come in a variety of choices ranging from CD receivers, navigation receivers, or the digital media type. The digital media receivers do away with the old school cassettes and CD players.

They incorporate new generation streaming services, smartphone capabilities, and digital music players. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, the navigation receivers are for you. A GPS navigation is a critical feature in this type of receiver with an additional DVD receiver to make your journey a one of a kind.

The CD players are the most common car stereos that everyone either sought after or already own. The radio will have an FM tuner, Aux, and USB output and can also play CDs of course.

3. How Do I Know the Best Fit for My Car?

In most cases, the stereo sellers know which car sound system fits in what kind of car. Additionally, vehicle research groups that done extensive research and determined the best model for each vehicle. Most of the renown stereo dealers have a call, chat, and email options that help you get in touch with them.

This facilitates them to acquire vital information on the kind of model you drive and the available options for your vehicle. For custom or unique models, you will have to have one done for you after measurements have been acquired.

4. Can I Get a Stereo That Will Match My Dashboard?

Most car owners are into the idea of changing their car sound system only if the new car stereo will match the existing dash illumination theme in a significant way. If you are looking to blend in the colors, look for models that let you adjust different color parts of your receiver.

Car owners are advised to look for car stereos that feature various colors to see the best options.

5. Is My Smartphone Compatible with a New Car Stereo?

The integration of a new car stereo with a smartphone is what most music lovers look for. This is most sought after feature which most car sound system developers have considered over the years as they launch new devices. Nearly all models come fitted with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to play your files and playlist easily.

Furthermore, they also have USB and Aux cord connection for diversity in how you wish to listen to your music. One of the latest and best development is the integration of the Android and Apple Car play interfaces which you can read more now.

6. Is It Possible to Amplify My Factory Speakers?

The choice the manufacturers make for a factory stereo system is only ideal for the speakers they come with. For this reason, adding an amplifier to your factory speakers can cause more harm than good. The manufacturers had an excellent reason why they chose the speakers for that stereo, and in most cases, it revolves around the compatibility aspect.

It’s advisable that while upgrading to a new and more powerful car stereo system, you consider installing new car speaker systems too.

7. How Is the Installation Process of a New Car Stereo?

The leading car stereo sellers in the market offer the best in-car sound systems and an after sale service of free car sound system installation. Most stereo systems, however, come with a step-by-step manual that guides you in putting your new stereo in the dash. Installation can get a bit technical, especially in connecting the factory wiring.

Manufacturers offer the best wiring harness and mounting kits. The car owners can also take advantage of the professional advice the tech supports in most retail shops provide.

8. Do I Need a New Head Unit if I Have New Speakers and Amplifiers?

If you are only in pursuit of good and quality sound, you can retain the factory look for your vehicle. Most owners prefer integrating the new speakers and amplifier with the factory radio.

Car Audio Systems

Better information can be best provided by the supplier or maker of that new car audio system you are yearning to acquire. It’s best that before you settle on one audio system, consider reading widely about the available models and the features they are packed with.

Technological enhancements have continuously ensured you have the best sounds system to replace your factory audio system. An aftermarket amplifier and sound system can enhance not only your audio system but the look of your dashboard and easier navigation.

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