Advantages Of HID Bulbs Headlights

If you are in the habit of investing in aftermarket upgrades to your car, you should check out a HID headlights. HID headlights or High Intensity Discharge headlights have been available for more than 25 years though these bulbs have gained popularity in the last few years. This technology debuted in 1991 on the BMW 7-series.

However, due to high prices, it was only included in luxury models. Thankfully, the prices have come down over the years. Thanks to the lower prices, many manufacturers have started offering these headlights as an option even on some entry-level models. HID headlights offer a number of advantages over other types of headlights including halogen headlights and LED headlights.

About HID Headlights

As mentioned above, HID stands for high intensity discharge. HID is typically preferred in applications that need a particularly bright light and this is the reason HID bulbs have been historically used in street lighting as well as in stadium lighting. In a typical HID bulb, there are two electrodes made of tungsten and this whole structure of enclosed by a glass shell that contains metal salts and a gas.

HID headlights use metal halide salts with xenon gas. This is also the reason, xenon lights is the term typically use for HID headlights. The reason for using xenon gas is that it warms up the bulb extremely fast, typically in less than 10 seconds whereas other gases may take a few minutes to warm the bulb up to its full brightness.

HID bulbs are different from the typical car headlights as these need higher voltage AC circuit whereas your normal car system works on a DC current circuit. This is the reason, a separate ballast is required for proper operation of HID bulbs.

Advantages Of HID Headlights

Higher Energy Efficiency

When it comes to energy efficiency, HID headlights are way ahead of other options available in the market today. These lamps are much more efficient at converting electrical energy into light. In simple terms, these are four times more efficient in terms of lumens per watt as compared to the traditional halogen light sources. This is also the reason HID bulbs have been used for years in stadiums and sports arenas all around the world.

Typically, HID bulbs are capable of generating up to 110 lm of light per watt. On the other hand, halogen lights are capable of producing around 25 lm per watt. In simple terms, HID headlights consume around 25% less energy when compared to the halogen bulbs. It not only results in higher fuel efficiency but it also enhances the life of the car charging system.

Longer Life

HID bulbs and ballast lasts typically last for more than 3000 hours of operation. In most cases, HID bulbs last as long as the vehicle itself. On the other hand, a typical halogen bulb has a lifespan of around 500 hours. In fact, some of the halogen bulbs sold today have a life expectancy of just 300 hours.

In simple terms, you are not likely to replace your HID lamps for at least 100,000 miles. However, it is also important for you to keep in mind that these lamps do lose some brightness with time. It is expected that HID bulbs may lose up to 25% of their brightness after use for around 2000 hours.

Higher Visibility

HID bulbs emit intense blue white light which offer better visibility as compared to the yellow light produced by typical halogen headlights. In simple terms, HID bulbs often much better visibility at night allowing drivers to react to emergency situations much more quickly as compared to halogen bulbs.

Color temperature is the term used for visibility which is measured in Kelvin. A white light which is the mid-summer sunlight is 5600 K. OEM HID bulbs can produce light up to 4300 K whereas the typical halogen bulb produces light at 3200 K. The distinctive white light produced by HID bulbs allows drivers to see row markers and signs more clearly. Also, the increased light output results in illumination of a wider area in front of the cart. HID light does not distract other motorists making it safer for everyone.

Excellent Appearance

As mentioned in the beginning, HID headlights from are associated with luxury as earlier, only luxury vehicles used to have HID lamps. Thanks to the lower prices, you can also get aftermarket kits and upgrade your headlights to HID lamps. These HID lamps not only look more sophisticated but also have a cleaner appearance as compared to the yellowish halogen bulbs. In other words, your vehicle will stand out when you install the HID lamps.


As far as the installation is concerned, there are several brands of HID kits available in the market at a variety of price points. These kits usually include everything including bulbs, built-in igniter, screws, ballast holders, zip ties as well as fuses and installation instructions to allow you to install the bulbs easily on your own. If you’re not comfortable with installing these bulbs on your own, you can get these installed at your favorite mechanic. The whole process will take less than 40 minutes

Buying HID Bulbs

As far as buying HID bulbs or HID kits are concerned, it is important that you do proper research before spending money on HID kits. As mentioned above, there are a number of brands available in the market selling all kinds of bulbs but there is a lot of difference in the quality of bulbs sold by different brands. So, check the reviews of the brand along with their return policy as well as warranty before spending your hard earned money on HID bulbs.

Overall, these are some of the major advantages of investing in HID lamps over halogen lamps or LED lamps. These not only last much longer but also provide greater energy efficiency as well as higher visibility as compared to the other options. So, upgrade your car today by investing in high quality HID bulbs from a well-known brand.

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