How To Use A Hi-lift Jack To Change A Tire

Whether it’s a sports car, normal car or off roading beast like Jeeps, all of them some day will put you into the jeopardy of changing it’s tires. Changing tires is one of the basic problems that come with cars and you have to be prepared for it. The preparedness comes from having the extra set of tyre, the tools compatible with your car model and will power to change it without losing the last ounce of patience. The most important step that is required while changing the tires is to get it in the air. No, I am not talking about making it fly some how but to lift it off the ground giving you enough space to work your way and remove the tire safely. will guide you towards the safe way to use hi-lift to change the tire

Follow the below steps:

  • First we will start with parking your vehicle in a safe place like side of the road as to avoid any hinderance. Another thing you have to make sure that the car is placed on a firm and even ground to facilitate a hassle free repair.
  • Take all the tools out and start by taking off the wheel cover and loosening the bolts that fixes the tire to the axel.
  • Now Hi-lift jack is majorly used for big and heavy vehicles hence the process of using it is a bit different from normal ones. Set up the bar work on the firm ground and attach lift-mate. It’s a go to accessory to successful lifting of the vehicle.
  • Lift-mate is the adaptor or an add on that attaches itself on the nose of the jack accompanied by two hooks that grab the wheel.
  • Then to lift the wheel to change you need to lower the axel back down to the wheel chock. This will keep your vehicle hanging giving you the space to change the tire.

Many of you reading this must be thinking that there is no way that one type of hi-lift jack can be compatible with all types of heavy machineries. Well that’s true and to satiate the curious cat in you Autonerdsreview has compiled a list of some of the Best Farm Jack to guide you easily to your desired option. While considering to buy, you have to make sure to check the price point, it’s weight, durability and one that is most compatible with you and help you do the work without using too much of your strength.

Some of them are:-

  • Hi-Lift Jack PP – 300 Post Popper: High durability due to made of steel, easy to use, best for jeep winching, light in weight.
  • Reese Towpower 7033400 48” Farm Jack7000 lb. Load Capacity: Best farm jack to use for other agricultural purposes, versatile, multi-purpose, durable.
  • Hi-Lift Jack HL 485 48 inches Hi-Lift Red All Cast Jack: Best farm jack, compatible with most vehicles, made of cast iron, rust resistant, pocket friendly.

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