How to Take Care of Your Vehicle

‘A stitch in time saves nine’ goes the slightly annoying phrase. But you know that taking care of your valuable items will prevent more serious damage happening to them down the line.

Taking care of your car is no exception. In fact, the maintenance of your vehicle is one of the most important regular duties you should observe in order to save yourself time, stress and hassle in the long-run. By using the tips provided below, you’ll be able to nip in the bud all those potential issues with your vehicle that can develop into car-based catastrophes if neglected.

The Windshield

You might not know that tiny chips and cracks in windshields can cause a catastrophic shatter when your car rides over bumps. That’s because the structural integrity of the glass has been compromised. If this does happen, call up Utah Windshield Replacement to get a new screen fitted at your earliest convenience. By getting a windshield replacement as soon as possible, you reduce the risk of issues appearing later on.


One of the least appreciated parts of your vehicle, but also one of the most important, your car tires are what keeps your car gripping to the road. You should maintain the right tire pressure by stopping routinely at gas stations to pump a little extra air into them, which increases your fuel economy and ensures you’re operating at peak safety while going around bends.

If you experience a flat, make sure you’ve got a spare tire to fit, and get your car to the garage as soon as possible to replace it.

Driving Style

As well as the physical parts of your car that you should always be paying keen attention to, you should likewise be attempting to drive in a style that preserves your vehicle’s mechanical and electrical systems for as long as possible. How is this achieved? Well, generally you should attempt to drive with few revs, changing gear smoothly, and cornering in a smooth motion to balance the weight of your car as you move. Find out more about safe driving styles by doing some research online.

The Routine Check 

This is not something that you want to forget about. It’s also an incredibly quick process that you’ll not have to do more than once a week. It’s recommended that you make the routine check before any long journey.

  • Check your oil levels with the dip stick and refill as required with the correct oil type.
  • Check your brake lights and front lights to ensure youre visible to other drivers.
  • Check your handbrake and brakes in order to stop and stay safely.
  • Check your water levels and windscreen washer fluids, also under the lip of your car.


A final point on car security – you should do your utmost to ensure that your vehicle is safe when you leave it parked. You might choose to buy a steering wheel lock for added security, or otherwise ensure you’re parking in a safe and well-lit street.

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