Cleaning Diesel Injectors – What you Need to Know

Have you noticed that your car loses power? Does a lot of black smoke come out of the exhaust? Do you spend more fuel on your account lately? All these are indications that the injectors are dirty and you have to clean them with diesel fuel injector cleaner.

In this article we will tell you how to clean the injectors of a diesel car and how to clean the injectors of a gasoline car in several different ways, from just throwing a product in the tank until disassemble the injectors completely.

This time we will explain how to know that our vehicle has dirty fuel injectors, and of course, how to clean them if necessary. Problems in the fuel injector appear when it is dirty or clogged. The symptoms that can make it evident are varied, from problems with the start of the car, stumbling forward, failures in the emissions tests, a decrease in the performance of the car and inability to reach high revolutions in the engine.

There are Two Problems That Can Occur With Injectors:

That present obstructions or entry of air, dirt and cause the symptoms mentioned.

Have fuel leaks, which can cause a strong fuel odor inside the vehicle, in addition to fuel efficiency problems.

Why Do You Have to Clean the Injectors?         

Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner prevent the car from having normal operation and, above all, produce a much greater consumption of fuel. In addition, the car will give you jerks in the first or second gear and may not even start if the injectors are clogged.

In short, if you do not keep them clean your car may stop working overnight, or at least it will end up making you spend a lot more fuel. Keeping in mind that cleaning them is cheap and easy, it does not make sense not to do it.

What Types of Cleaning are There for the Injectors?

Mainly there are three methods to clean the injectors, although here we are only going to explain one because ultrasonic cleaning and cleaning with a sweeping kit are quite expensive and are not within the reach of most budgets.

Cleaning with Additives

This cleaning consists of adding liquids to the fuel tank to clean the injectors. An easy and economical method. If they are used from time to time it is fine, but it is not advisable to use them regularly.

Tools Needed

Additive cleans injectors:  product to clean injectors that can serve as quick and easy solution if you choose this method. You will have to buy a specific one for diesel or gasoline among popular brands.

  •         Diesel or gasoline injectors cleaning kit:  a bottle with cleaner, a pressure gauge and a hose used to pressurize the inside of all injectors and eliminate contaminants. It is used to clean with method 2 of the previous section.
  •         Allen key:  to remove the screw of the fuel pump.
  •         Spanner:  to tighten the pressure gauge.

How to Clean the Diesel Injectors with Clean Additive Injectors?

To clean the injectors with this method, it is not necessary to follow practically any step. You just have to read the manual of the product that you bought and apply it on the fuel tank.

When you have done it, it is recommended that you go for a walk with the car for a while so that the additives do not stand still and can circulate throughout the fuel tank.

How often to clean them with Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner?

It is advisable to clean the injectors, regardless of whether it is a diesel engine or gasoline, every 50,000-60,000 kilometers. Most injectors hold more time, but if you do it later you might find that they are plugged and the cleaning would be much more complicated.

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